Annabelle: Creation vs Conjuring series vs  Annabelle worldwide box office collection gross

 Annabelle: creation worldwide box office collection 

Annabelle series which was created on the basis of conjuring series. Anabelle the first part of the series was released three years ago and has run successfully. Anabelle creation was released on August 11th worldwide and August 18th in India.

The movie has successfully entered into the second week. You can’t believe within 14 days after release Annabelle creation has collected $165 million around worldwide while the anabelle total collection is $256 million.

After this successful box office collection by Annabelle creation conjuring series successfully enter $1 billion club. Conjuring series stands third in horror series box office list next to resident evil ( $1.2 billion), alien( $1.4 billion ).

 Among the conjuring series conjuring 2 stands first with a box office collection of $ 320 million next to conjuring with $318 million.

While Annabelle has not even reached $300 million mark stopped it. But if Annabelle: creation keeps on going at this it can even reach $400 million mark.

Next, the franchise is getting ready for releases of the nun, crooked man which were introduced as characters in conjuring 2. Annabelle: creation was made on a budget of $ 15 million. But it has already taken many times of its production cost.

Annabelle 2 also recorded a no of highest no releases on 3,542 screens next to conjuring 2 with 3346 screens worldwide.

Anabelle: creation Indian box office collection – 30 crores

Annabelle: creation worldwide box office collection  – $165 million

 Annabelle Annabelle: creationConjuring Conjuring 2
Released dateOct 3, 2014Aug 11, 2017July 19, 2013July 13, 2016
No of screens3185354229033343
Indian box office collection25 crores30 crores22 crores36 crores
Worldwide gross$256 million$165 million$ 318 million$320 million

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