Avatar 2 – box office prediction hit or flop, budget


Cast crew – sam Worthington, joe saldana, Stephen lang.

Direction – James Cameroon.

Release date- 20th December 2020


Avatar 2 box office prediction

Avatar 2 box office prediction

The budget of the film might be incredibly higher than the first part because during the period of 2009 it was made on the budget of more than 200 crores. Avatar 2 box office prediction Nowadays normal films itself has taken on budget of more than 200 crores. It is definitely sure that it will be taken on a huge budget.

Latest news

James Cameroon has recently announced that avatar 2 will be a 3d film that can be watched without glasses. Till now 3d movies can be watched only with the help of 3d glasses. But if this technology has to be implemented in theatres it will be a difficult process. It is a doubt that up to how much Extend it can be implemented and also gets more profits as he expected. It is an incorrigible and an exciting film compared to other films. James Cameroon has said that his concentration was not only on avatar2. He adds that he gives equal importance to all other sequels. He even stated that he has finished script for avatar 5.

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The other release date of the sequels are

Avatar 3 December 17th, 2021

Avatar 4 December 20, 2024

Avatar 5 December 19, 2025

The post production works will begin on September 17th this year. of Avatar 2 box office prediction

Avatar 2 box office prediction

The first part of the film even its release after 8 years stands as the highest grossing films of all time. Nowadays a normal budgeting films are collecting more than 500 crores. if this film is made better than the previous part with good graphics technology. It will collect more than the first part.The avatar 2 box office prediction sequence of the film released within a short duration. so the  Director has to put more efforts for this film.

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