Tamil Bigg boss contestants prize money and salary list – bindhu Madhavi is the highest paid after Kamal Hassan

Tamil Bigg boss contestants prize money and salary list – bindhu Madhavi is the highest paid after Kamal Hassan

For the past 100 days, the whole Tamilnadu is talking about the big boss. Big Boss is the name that is trending on the internet. Oviya becomes a new sensation of Tamilnadu. From youngsters to a middle aged people they were sharing posts like save oviya, support oviya. There was some news in WhatsApp revealing that Vijay tv is paying about more than 100 crores to it contestants. And it’s earning is more than 1500 crores. And finally, the 100 days of the show was successfully finished and Aarav was declared as the winner with Ganesh Venkatraman as the runner. Everybody has some doubts in mind how many crores was Kamal Hasan paid. And how much do the contestants of big bosses paid? Which contestant is the highest paid actor? Here the complete list of big boss winners prize money to the host salary.


Kamal Hassan – 15 crores for the one month show hosting.

Bindhu madhavi – 4 lakhs per week

Oviya – 3.5 lakhs per week

Shree – 3 lakhs per week

Ganesh venkatraman- 3 lakhs per week

Harish – 3 lakhs per week

Kaajal – 3 lakhs per week

Namitha – 3 lakhs per week

Suja – 2 lakhs per week

Anuya – 1 lakh per week

Snehan – 1 lakh per week

Vaiyapuri – 1 lakh per week

Kanja karuppu – 1 lakh per week

Aarthi – 1 lakh per week

Gayathiri raguram – 1 lakh per week

While Julie, aarar, raisa, bharani are paid upto 70000 per week.

The above-mentioned list was the amount of the first 10 days only and the amount they were paid were may be increased or decreased

And also some rewarded amount will be given to the contestants if they get eliminated before 100 days. Tamil Bigg boss contestants prize money and salary list.

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The prize money of tamil bigg boss

the winner will be awarded a prize amount of 50 lakhs. Aarav who was declared as the winner was given 50 lakhs as cash price but after tax deduction received only 35.5 lakhs

But this is the small amount of reward. But the truth is lots of crores of money are getting the deal with the show.

Another updated news is that Julie is the 7th contestant to get eliminated from the big boss Tamil show. For more info on Tamil Bigg boss contestants prize money and salary list stay updated with us.


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