Bigg Boss 11 25th November 2017 Day 56 live updates – Getting Thriller on elimination “Weekend ka Vaar”

Bigg Boss 11 Day 56 updates 

Bigg Boss 11 Day 56 updates 

On today’s episode, Priyank Sharma was questioned by Salman Khan For his Mischevious words against Shilpa Shinde and Arshi Khan. He had commented that both of them were not fit to be a captain because both of them were heavy and not fit to become a captain. Shilpa Shinde and Arshi Khan were unpleased by his words. Even people started opposing against him on the internet.

And also today’s episode is the first part of Weekend ka Vaar. The nominated contestants for this week’s elimination are Priyank Sharma, Hina Khan, Shilpa Shinde. Unfortunately, Priyank Sharma’s Bad behaviour against Shilpa and Arshi has turned people against him.

Salman Khan in today’s episode makes priyank realize that he/ she don’t need to be fit to be a captain. They just need a good mind and heart and he also questions Hina khan for not questioning priyank for his words.

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Yesterday Hitn Tejwani was elected as a new captain. Puneesh decision of eliminating Akash from captaincy made Akash very angry. And Akash was angry all throughout the day and angry at everyone and he not even willing to participate in today’s face off against Puneesh at Akhada.

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