Bogan movie review- ratings and box office collection report

Cast – Jayaram Ravi, Aravind Swamy, Hanshikha Motwani

Genre – action and thriller

Direction – Lakshman

Producer – Prabhu deva

story line

. Aditya played by Aravind Swamy is an archaeologist and he was in huge debt. once during his visit to ,palani he found an bogans olaichuvadi. he was a famous magician who was able to go inside other body that koodu vitu koodu payum technique. While Jayam Ravi plays a role as a police office. Who was a good and honest police man . he was going to be married to Mahalakshmi played by HanshikaMotwanii. his life was going normal until Aditya crosses his line. it happens because Vikram’s father who was a bank manager was robbed by Aditya in bank. Vikram to prove his fathers innocence start investigating the case . that why aravind crosses his line. in the second half jayam ravi turns into a bad guy.


Bogan movie Review

bogan movie review once again after a successful hit of thani oruvan jayam ravi and aravind swamy cameo is back in bogan. most of the romeo juliet team is retained in bogan. another big news is prabhu deva is producing the movie. the first half was filled with fully packed action and thrill. jayam ravi being a good man turning into a bad man. it resembles ajith kumar”s mangatha. hanshika played his role good looking bubbly and charm girl. in this movie also jayam ravi playing as a police officer once again in this movie. the title name bogan doesnt resembles aravind or ravi .

it resembles the main part of the story. it was different attempt by the director . there is a curiosity among the fans of finding out who the bogan is. iman background music was good and only one song is good to hear during the movie. and this song was sung by anirudh ravichander. the full film makes the audience travel through the movie without boring. it was once again a good film by a combo of jayam ravi and Aravind Swamy. once again aravind swamy proves that he is very good in playing the role as a bad guy. it was a twist in the movie when Jayaram Ravi turns into a bad guy.

in overall its an one more good attempt with these Jayam Ravi and Aravind Swamy combo


According the performance by Jayaram Ravi and Aravind Swamy our rating for bogan is



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