Fast and furious 8 (aka) fate of the furious – box-office prediction, movie review, cast, screen releases, hit or flop, unknown facts

Fast and furious 8 (aka) fate of the furious – box-office prediction, movie review, cast, screen releases, hit or flop, unknown facts


Cast – Vin diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez, Jason Statham

Direction – Gary grey

Release date – 12th April 2017


After successfully defeating shah. the brain goes off from the team. While dom was on his honeymoon with Letty. He seduced by an unknown woman. And he turns down against his own team. The rest of the team members join together to return dom from the mystery women.

Unknown facts

The director of the movie Gary grey has already worked with Jason Statham in a film. The film is none other the famous movie Italian job released in 2003. The movie is also similar to fast and furious type

Fast and furious 7 has collected overall 1 billion us dollars reaching 6th highest box office film of all time.

Latest news


The trailer no 1 of the movie has been already released and has a good reach among the audience. Recently on march 9 the trailer no 2 of the film is released.

Fate of the furious trailer has reached about 139 million views in 24 hours most by any film. And many records were also created before the release of the film.

Trailer review

trailer no 2

As already said above you have read more about the records created by the trailer. Let’s see the review of the trailer. The trailer shows that dom has turned towards his family because of he was seduced down by an unknown woman. And his team is trying to recover dom from that mystery women.

And also rock and Jason who were enemies in ff7 were made to work together to recover dom. And also a lot of automobile stunts have been done in this film. In a scene, a total of more than 1000 cars were controlled by that mystery women and released directly into the city which was good.

Shooting locations

The filming locations of the film are Georgia, Iceland, Ireland and in the major parts of u.s.a

Screen releases

The film being a popular film among worldwide. The film will bag nearly a screen count of about more than 9000 screens among worldwide. Since there are no other big films releasing on that day fast and furious will be the film running in most of the screens worldwide.

Fate of the furious Box office prediction

When coming to the Fate of the furious box office prediction point of view this film has a certain spot in the list because the previous six parts of the film have already created the huge record in the box office. It is sure Fate of the furious box office prediction will collect more than previous parts of the fast and furious series and create a new record.

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  1. Jennifer Jew-Lui says:

    Hello, looking for screening (prescreening) in SF Bay Area. Furious 7 was at Century SF. Haven’t found any in the US and internationally, April 12th, midnight.

    Thanks for the help, time and directions!


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