The best season of flash and best episode of flash season 3 – flash 2 is the best season of the show

The best season of flash and best  episode of flash season 3 – flash 2 is the best season of the show


Cast – grant gustin , Danielle panabaker , Candice patton , tom cavanagh , carlos valdes, jesse l. Martin

No of seasons – 3

Year started – 2015

 Based on – dc comic character

No of episodes – 60


Flash Season 1

Barry allen ( grant gustin ) is forensic officer in central city police department. Because of the explosion of the particle accelerator he got struck down by a lightning and he becomes the fastest man alive on the earth as flash. and during his childhood his mom was killed by a two speedsters and his dad was arrested for the crime which he hasnt done. Due to the explosion of particle accelerator he was not the only one who got super powers.

There ws also some bad guys who got powers because of the particle accelerator explosion. Iris the best friend of barry at the starting turns into his lover in the end of second part. For defeating the bad guys he get help from the team of star labs including Harrison wells the man who created the particle accelerator explosion. He was also helped by cisco ramon a brilliant scientist and caitlyn snow a bio chemist. Later in the story Harrison wells turns into a big baddie. He was the reverse flash who wontedly created particle accelerator explosion. And make barry turned down into flash. He had some help from Ronnie Caitlyn husband and oliver famously known as arrow. And felicity a hacker of all time.

Flash season 2

In season 2 After killing Harrison wells barry created a timeline and due to that effect a wormhole was created.

And created a path to an another earth. Which was same as the earth 1 and there was a duplicate version of people on earth 1. There was another Harrison wells but a good one. And another barry but he was not the flash there. There was another man flash there who was the main villain of this film. Also there was iris and an another joe, bad Caitlyn and cisco who got some powers.

Once flash got attacked by a another speedster who was faster than him. He was from earth 2 and wanted barrys power to become the most  powerful speedster of all the universe. His flash was in white colour. It was due to some chemicals he take down to get more speed and but instead of speeding  him it slowly killed him. This is the reason why he wanted barrys power to stop getting killed. With the help of Harrison wells from another timeline he managed to learn to run fast. And he finally defeated zoom. and also exposed his love towards iris. Iris also accepted it

Flash season 3

In season 3 story barry stopped Harrison wells killing his mom and he started living with his mom in another timeline. The timeline created because of barry stopped her mom killing. Then he lived with her mom in an another timeline. After sometime he started forgetting his memoies so he asked Harrison wells to kill his mom again. Barry came back to the original timeline but he saw some changes created because of barry altered the timeline. Ciscos brother was died because of this and Caitlyn turned into baddie. And also alchomi giving  powers back to the people from the timeline barry created to this timeline. When barry catched alchomi he found an another speedster who ordered alchomi to do this. He was just serving this speedster. This is the story of flash  till season 3.

Best season of flash so far

According to the review from people flash season 2 is the best season so far. Eventhough flash season 1 was awesome and excellent and flash season 3 was also going good. People feel flash 2 is the best because of two villains especially zoom and also Harrison wells part during some episodes. And also an concept of introducing an another earth  and including of another girl paddy. A pair for barry allen. And barrys father as a flash in the earth 3. Though these concepts were hard to believe but nice to watch as a story. And also a concept of worm hole created and zoom sending aliens from baddie harry and also a scientist like baddie harry. But he was not bad as harry and he also owns a star labs on earth 2 and created a particle accelerator and created super humans using this blast.The best season of flash and best  episode of flash season 3 is going good

Best episode of flash season 3- killer frost is the best

The episode no 8 the killer frost Caitlyn snow turning in killer frost fighting with barry and cisco and helping barry from another speedster using his powers and searching alchomi to get rid of his powers. When she fighted with barry and cisco she did not kill them because of snow inside the killer frost and barry speech towards her make hr get rid of dr.snow. This is the The best season of flash and best  episode of flash season 3






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