Jolly LLb 2 – movie review and day 3 box office collection

Jolly Llb 2 – movie review and day 3 box office collection

Cast – Akshay Kumar, Huma Qureshi, Annu Kapoor

Genre – drama

Direction – subash Kapoor

Music – meet broos


Jolly ( Akshay ) a lawyer in a local Kanpur town is small lawyer dealing with small cases and he has a beautiful wife Pushpa ( Huma Qureshi ) and a cute bubbly child. He became the lawyer by an inspiration from his father who was a stenographer. Once he was dealt with a murder case of a husband by a lady. When the lady found that her husband was a fraud she assassinated herself. Jolly feels guilty for that women’s murder. He wants to do something. So he wants a good government and wants to fill the loop holes where big shots can easily escape. Annu Kapoor not a villain but an opponent lawyer for jolly. Who is very well talented can jolly using his skills win this case.


Jolly Llb 2 – movie review

Jolly LLB 2 has a lot of difference from jolly LLB 2. An excellent family entertainer film. Akshay Kumar proved once again with his acting. Coming as a normal lawyer and how he changes as a skilled lawyer to compete with Annu Kapoor. His get up and his costumes especially that old scooter was a perfect match for him. The film was also good in comedy area. Jolly’s comedy even works sometimes. Huma Qureshi coming as a cute wife tries his best with his acting. Not only she proved as a good wife but also as a good mother. In the second half the audience can experience the hot fight between jolly and Annu Kapoor. Which makes audience satisfied for their money. Annu Kapoor coming as an opponent lawyer shows his excellent skills of acting which were good to watch.

Jolly Llb 2 – movie review and day 3 box office collection

The movie has an average and decent start all over India. Being released in 3200 screens the film has shown good response from the audience. The total budget of the film is 45 crores which were collected in satellite rights itself. So upcoming cost will be the profit for the producers. The film collected about

14.63 crores in the opening day only in India itself.

Jolly Llb 2 – movie review and day 3 box office collection is good movie to watch


Jolly Llb 2 – movie review and day 3 box office collection receives a rating of





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