Parava 1st day box office collection and movie review – Dulquer’s screen presence adds a plus to the movie

Cast – Amal shah, Shane Nigam, Dulquer Salman

Direction – Soubin Shahar

Production – Anwar Rasheed

Genre – Drama

Parava movie review

Soubin Shahar First directional debut is finally released and is getting the positive response from the audience. The main plus for the movie is dulquer’s extended cameo screen presence. Though his screen presence is only 25 minutes he is the root for the film which makes a simple story the best. Soubin Shahar who was seen as a comedian in Premam is making  his first directional about his homeland Fort Kochi

He portrays the story of how dove flying is in hearts of his people. This is all about the story of Two Kids Irshad and Habeeb who dedicates their time for pigeons and when they grew up wants to win dove flying tournament is rest of the story.

Then they soon become youngsters and they indulge in gang fights which usual city boys will do. There were two gangs the first gang comprises of our hero and the second gang comprises special crew which includes director Soubin Shahar too.

Dulquer Salman’s screen presence as Imran in the first half makes the audience more engaged. The second half is fully held Down by Amal and Shane. Special appreciation must be given to the two kids.

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Parava 1st and 2nd day box office collection

Dulquer’s presence not only has an effect on the story but has also on box office too. The film doesn’t have too many competitions to face since there were not too many big releases this week. The film is released on nearly 650 screens worldwide.

And accurate collections numbers are yet revealed and we’ll update as soon as the information is revealed.

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