Sanju 42 days Box Office Collection – Screen Counts Gets decreased Further

Sanju 42nd day Box Office Collection 

Sanju 42nd day Box Office Collection 

Its been nearly 6 weeks till the release of one of the biggest box office hits of the year Sanju. During the release, the film has been released in around more than 4500 Screens but now after such a long run, the film’s screen count has come under 400 all over the country because for the past weeks a lot of quite a good no of movies are released. Within the end of the week, the film total screen count might come under even 200 due to independence release of big releases.

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Sanju Daywise Box Office Collection

DayBox Office Collection
1st day34.75 Cr
2nd day38.60 Cr
3rd day46.71 Cr
4th day               25.35 Cr
5th  day22.10 Cr
6th  day18.88 Cr
7th day16.10 Cr
8th day12.50 Cr
9th day21.25 Cr
10th day 28.05 Cr
11th day9.37 Cr
12th day7.50 Cr
13th day6.25 Cr
14th day5.58 Cr
15th day4.10 Cr
16th day6.56 Cr
17th day9.29 Cr
18th day2.69 Cr
19th day2.44 Cr
20th day2.06 Cr
21st day1.89 Cr
22nd day1.20 Cr
23rd day2.2 Cr
24th day3.2 Cr
25th day1.3 Cr
26th day0.91 Cr
27th day0.76 Cr
28th day0.59 Cr
29th day0.41 Cr
30th day0.97 Cr
31st day1.15 Cr
32nd day0.35 Cr
33rd day0.40 Cr
34th day0.38 Cr
35th day0.34 Cr
36th day0.27 Cr
37th day0.51 Cr
38th day0.60 Cr
39th day0.21 Cr
40th day0.17 Cr
41st day0.16 Cr

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