Sapthagiri LLB 1st day box office collection & Movie Review

Sapthagiri LLB Movie Review

Sapthagiri LLB 1st day box office collection

Sapthagiri LLB starring lead tollywood comedy actor Sapthagiri. Even the title of the movie is named after him. The film is a remake of Hindi movie Jolly LLB starring Arshad Warsi, Bomban Irani, Amrita Rao. Saptagiri who was seen as a comedy hero in his previous film is now entering into the commercial film with this movie. Sapthagiri LLB 1st day box office collection

The film directed by Charan Lakkakulas Starring Sapthagiri, Kashish Vohra, Saikumar, Shakalaka Shankar has been running successfully in theatres and the film is minting good money for the movie makers even getting mixed reviews from the audience.


Sapthagiri small lawyer from Chittoor have dreams of becoming a big lawyer in the town. A young rich man Rohit ran over his car on roadside pavement killing 6 beggars. But however, he vanished the case with his money. But Sapthagiri reopened the case by filing Public Interest Litigation ( PIL ). The problem is he has to face the biggest lawyer of his career Rajpal. Will Sapthagiri be able to break the case?

But the director has made sure the movie is for Telugu lovers. He puts some extra fights and music which doesn’t affect the story. Kashish Vohra fulfils the comedy that was lacking from Sapthagiri. Lawyer Saikumar will Surely Attract audience by his acting.

On Overall Sapthagiri is a decent remake that Telugu fans must watch and also it is not for people who expect comedy from the film.

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Sapthagiri LLB 1st day box office collection

Sapthagiri LLB has made some quite good bucks for the filmmakers on the opening day. In fact, it is the Sapthagiri’s highest opener in his career. The film has shown about 45% Seat occupancy.

Sapthagiri LLB 1st day box office collection – 1.35 Cr

Sapthagiri LLB 2nd day box office collection – to be updated soon.

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