Secret Superstar 13 days China Box Office Collection – Aamir Khan’s Film is making non-stop Collections

Secret Superstar 13th day China Box Office Collection 

Secret Superstar 13th day China Box Office Collection 

Secret Superstar already being the China’s second highest grossing Indian film is now eyeing towards the record of Dangal though it is a long way ahead of it. With new releases lining up all the way to be released for Chinese New Year. For the past 10 Days, Aamir Khan Secret Superstar’s tickets have been sold in Chinese Theaters like Hot Pan Cakes.

Till now Secret Superstar has made 482 Cr in Chinese Box Office 13 days and still have a Long journey ahead of reaching Dangal which made a box Office Business of Nearly 1200 Cr.

Secret Superstar Being Made on a Low Budget of 15 Cr it has collected more than that of its budget.

Aamir Khan During his Promotions in China has said that

If you tell a story of your own neighbourhood, your street, perhaps that will interest the world audience more. The more inward you go, the more you interest people from all over the world. That’s what I believe in because people like to see different cultures and stories of different characters from different parts of the world

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Secret Superstar Daywise Box Office Collection

1st day$6.88 million (43 Cr)
2nd day$10.5 million (64 Cr)
3rd day$9.84 million (61.04 Cr)
4th day$5.01 million (30 Cr)
5th day$4.87 million (28.89 Cr )
6th day$4.52 million  (27.26 Cr )
7th day$4.23 million (25.01 Cr )
8th day$4.83 million (30.02 Cr)
9th day$7.56 million (45.42 Cr)
10th day$6.99 million (41.99 Cr)
11th day$3.12 million (18.41 Cr)
12th day$3.20 million (18.79 Cr)
13th day$3.17 million (18.50 Cr )


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