Sherlock Toms 1st day box office collection and movie review – Biju Menon’s first comedy cracker is so fun to watch

Sherlock Toms  movie review 

Sherlock Toms 1st day box office collection

Cast – Biju Menon, Miya George, Salim Kumar

Direction – Shafi

Production – prem menon

Runtime – 2hrs38 min

Sherlock Toms movie review

Biju who was seen acting in comedy commercial roles was made a promotion to acting as a hero under the direction of Shafi. His timing comedies which made him as an actor. The main plus for this movie is his timing comedies.

Sherlock toms the title itself tells that it is a based on the story of a detective thriller. Joy ( Biju ) was a follower of Conan Doyle worlds famous detective story writer whose stories have Sherlock Holmes as a lead detective. He was called as Sherlock toms because of his observation skills.

He becomes an IRS officer after facing a lot of troubles but his relationship with his wife is not so happy as he thought. Then he ends up in a case without a trace whether he finds out or not is the rest of the plot.

Salim Kumar and Rafi’s perfect timing comedies add a plus to the movies run. Shafi keeps the audience most of the time laughing with his humour filled writing and screenplay.

Mia George, as well as her looks and acting, gets sharpened compared to his previous films.

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Sherlock Toms 1st day box office collection

The box office collection has a higher point of success for Shafi and Biju Menon due to the reason of festive occasion and also due to long holidays. Theatres can seek a huge audience for at least 3 t 4 days. As per our sources, Sherlock toms has seen 55 % seat occupancy on the morning shows and was able to collect 1.9 cr around Kerala

Sherlock Toms 1st day box office collection – 1.9 Cr

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