Transformers 5 the last knight box office prediction – hit or flop and review

Transformers 5 the last knight box office prediction – hit or flop and review

Cast  – mark Wahlberg, Isabela moner, peter Cullen

Director  – Michael bay

Release date-  23rd June 2017

Genre – fantasy and comic

Running time – 1hr 50 min


Optimus prime the leader of auto bots were in search for his planet. His planet name was Cybertron. But now it was a dead planet. He came to know that he was the reason behind the destruction of the planet. He wants to bring the planet back to life. He has only one way to do it. Find an another source planet. Finally, he decides earth as source planet. Will he destroy earth or not is the rest


This is the fifth part of the transformers after a successful hit of previous four parts. Also, Megan fox has acted in first two parts. Michael bay was the director of previous four parts. he has stated that it will be his last direction in transformers series. Mark Wahlberg once again playing the lead actor role after his success in transformers 4. Isabela moner is making her debut in transformers series. She has previously acted in the film middle school, splitting Adams. Her acting was good in those movies. So we can expect a good performance from her in this transformers 5. Mark Wahlberg playing as a father in the fourth part is expected to play the same role in this part also. Also, this film has beaten many records even before its release.

Transformers 5 the last knight box office prediction

Coming to box office previous four parts has a good record in box office point of view. So this last knight will also be successful in box office area. Here the worldwide box office report  of previous four parts

Transformers 1 – $ 789,756,098

Transformers 2 – $ 836,303,693

Transformers 3 –  $1,123,794,049

Transformers 4 –  $1,104,054,072


Transformers 5 the last knight box office prediction is listed below for the first week worldwide in dollars

Day 1799998
Day 2899906
Day 3786543
Day 41000456
Day 51234567
Day 6 1123445
Day 7986750






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