Tube light movie will be a hit or flop

 Tube light – latest movie news and facts

Tube light is the most expecting movie of 2017 in Bollywood. It is said that tube light  is a story of two brothers. This film is based on the sino-indian war during 1962. And there is also some news a Chinese girl Zhu Zhu is acting as a lead female role in this film. Also this Movie potrays love between salman and Zhu Zhu. But this movies music director says that there is no romance in this film.

Salman khan is also said to play a role as a army man in this movie.kabir khan is going to direct the movie. salman khan producing this movie along with kabir khan. Salman is producing for the first time. In his last movie he doesn’t produced the movie directly. This is the fourth film he is doing with kabir khan after a hit of bajrangibaijang. Now the shooting is going on in places like manali ,ladakh , Mumbai. Katrina kaif plays a main role in the movie. But it is not confirmed whether she is playing the lead role in the movie or not. Isha talwar also bags a important role in the movie.


  • Salman khan
  • Zhu zhu
  • Katrina kaif
  • Sohail khan


Movie makers

Written byKabirkhan,neeleshmisra
Directed bykabir khan
Produced bySalman khan,kabir khan
distributorSalaman khan films


Release date

Tube light is expected to be released on EID ,2017. but not officially confirmed.


Expectation level


Since about 3 to 4 previous films of salman khan has been a huge hit and also Tube light is having a huge expectation with the audience. Since bajrangi baijang ,prem ratan payo, sultan had crossed more than 100 crores. Tube light film also can be expected to reach more than 100 crores. Since sharukhan’s raees is expected to release on the same year 2017. Tube light may have slight chances of fighting with raees.


Expectation meter



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