Before the release of a movie, everybody was thinking will Salman’s film will be able to beat dangal and bahubalis record and beat previous Salman Khans record. But unfortunately, it doesn’t create any records. So what is the thing that is lacking in this film? What does Kabir fail to deliver? Let’s see the small things which Kabir and Salman failed to give it to the audience.


  • First and foremost thing is this movie is mainly based on the war. But they lack something in war sequence itself. They should have put much more effort in showing war sequences up to the mark. Thus the first thing to show improvement is on graphics. Even though they have spent more than 100 crores for making the film they should have put some more money on graphics and editing works. TUBELIGHT MOVIE MISTAKES


  • Though the camera man tried to bring every character to his best on the screen the performance of those characters plays an important role. TUBELIGHT MOVIE MISTAKES

On seeing that most of the characters. they tried to play heir roles up to their best. But how hard we try “sometimes it fails” that is what the main reason for the failure of the movie. TUBELIGHT MOVIE MISTAKES

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  • In this film, a Chinese actor named zhu-zhu is playing the lead female role opposite to Salman Khan. Even though she has performed up to his best but maybe she doesn’t fit for her role. It may be perfect if an Indian actress has played that role.


  • These are the major mistakes that film production crew failed to do in the movie. There are some unnoticed mistakes which don’t affect the performance of the movie.


  • For more info on a reason for tube light movie failure and tubelight movie mistakes stay updated with us.


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