2.0 1st Day Box Office Collection


2.0 is one of the most awaited movies in India and the critic’s review are already out. In this movie, we are seeing two big actors, Akshay Kumar and Rajinikanth together for the first time.  According to the reports, the movie is expected to break Thugs Of Hindostan’s first-day box office collection. The critics have already shared that the movie will make around 150 Cr on the First Day. In this post, we are going to discuss1st Day Box Office Collection for 2.0.

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2.0 Day1 Box Office Collection

Rajinikant’s 2.0 sets a new record by grossing 130 Cr worldwide on its first day. Apart from this, the movie is expected to do much better in other foreign countries too. We have got some positive results & looking at 2.0 Critic review it seems to even break the Total Box Office Collection Record.

Comparing 2.0 with Bahubali, the 2.0 has crossed Bahubali on its First Day collection record. According to public opinions, 2.0 has is a benchmark for upcoming Sci-Fi movies in India. Released in 3 different languages, the movie is expected to great for the first 10 days.

2.0 has a huge distribution with over 10,500 screens in India which gives a clear hint of crossing all-time box office records.

2.0 1st Day Collection In Tamilnadu

  • Tamil Nadu has the highest collection with 34 Cr making it is the highest 1st Day collection in the state.
  • Breaking the record of Rajini’s movie Kala, 2.0 is expected to gross around 25 Cr-29 Cr in its 2nd Day Box Office Collection.
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2.0 1st Day Collections – Telugu States AP & Telangana

  • IN AP & TS, 2.0 has grossed 19 Cr on its first day & is expected to make around 16 Cr on its 2nd Day collection.
  • The 2.0 movie has got some mix reactions making it an average, one-time watch movie.
  • Action and VFX have been appreciated a lot & is said to be a Hollywood type movie.

2.0 1st Day Collections Karnataka:

  • Karnataka has made a gross of 15 Cr on its first day Box Office collection, which is considered good.
  • Similar to Tamil Nadu, we have got some mixed reaction from the viewers & is expected to make around 10 Cr-12 Cr on its 2nd Day.

2.0 1St Day Box Office Collection Hindi (North India)

  • 2.0 Review in Hindi speaking region is average and is expected to make an average gross.
  • North India, has 5000 screens & comparatively 2.0 First Day Box Office collection is considered average.
  • On its 1st Day, 2.0 has grossed around 21 Cr, whereas the rumors were to cross 30 Cr in just North India.
  • On its 2nd Day, which is a Friday, 2.0 2nd Day Box Office collection is expected to be around 18 Cr.

2.0 1st Day World Wide Collection

  • 2.0 has grossed 11.75 Cr on its first day, which is a record making box office collection.
  • What people have loved the most about the movie is the Social Message on how mobile phones are affecting the Environnement.
  • Akshay Kumar’s role as Dr. Richards has also got a lot of appreciation from people worldwide.

Tamilnadu34 Cr
AP & TS19 Cr
Karnataka15 Cr
North India21 Cr
USA15 Cr
Worldwide117.24 Cr
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2.0 Box Office Collection Prediction

According to the critics the movie will be making around 200Cr on its first-day collection. The movie has already made 120Cr on its pre-booking just in Tamil Nadu giving a clear idea of the record-breaking first day.

On the first day, it will have over 33,000 shows, which is another big example of a record-breaking collection. Apart from this, the movie is going to release in over 10,000 screens.

2.0 Predicted Box Office Collection

According to the reports, Rajinikanth’s 2.0 1day box office collection is expected to make a gross of 200cr. Check below our Prediction for the 1st & rest of the days.

1st-day box office prediction130 Cr
2nd-day box office prediction100 Cr
3rd-day box office prediction80 Cr
Opening weekend box office prediction300 Cr
Worldwide box office prediction700 Cr
Total box office500-800 Cr

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