2.0 1st Week Box Office Collection


It is the 1st week for 2.0 & the movie has done pretty well in overall box office collection. 2.0 has got some good Critics review & also Public reaction for the movie was positive. Overall, 2.0 was focused more on Rajinikanth & Akshay Kumar, which is considered as one major drawback.  In this post, we are going to discuss 2.0 1st Week Box Office Collection.

2.0 First Week box Office Collection

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2.0  Week1 Box Office Collection

2.0 is on its first Week Box Office Collection and the movie has done exceptional great. It had crossed Sarkar in the First Week, but Bahubali 2 is in a tough competition with 2.0. On its first Week Box Office Collection, 2.0 has grossed around 520 Cr Worldwide.

2.0 1st Week Box Office Collection in Tamil Nadu

  • In the overall box office collection for the 1st Week, 2.0 in Tamil Nadu have the 2nd highest Gross with 130 Cr.
  • Overall it is expected to make around 200 Cr from Tamil Nadu as its Total Box Office Collection.

2.0 First Week Box Office Collection AP & TS

2.0 1st Week Box Office Collection in Karnataka

  • In Karnataka, 2.0 is giving an average Box Office Collection. People have mixed reaction about the movie.
  • 2.0’s First Week Box office Collection in Karnataka has grossed around 70 Cr.
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2.0 Week 1 Box Office Collection in North India

  • North India has been doing an average of 2.0. With over 5000 screens 2.0 has done 130 Cr from the Hindi Speaking State.
  • The review form Hindi speaking States in India is quite good.  Robo 2.0 did pretty well in the Weekend in North India

2.0 Week 1 Worldwide Box Office Collection

2.0 Worldwide collection for the 1st Week has reached 47 Cr & is not expected to gross more than 60 Cr in overall collection.

The movie is set to release in China & we are expecting it to make a good gross over there. Comparing 2.0 With Dangal’s Box Office collection in Japan

Tamilnadu130 Cr
AP & TS80 Cr
Karnataka70 Cr
North India130 Cr
USA44 Cr
Worldwide520 Cr


2.0 Day Wise Box office Collection

Here is 2.0 Day wise collection for till the first week.

Tamil NaduAP &TSKarnatakaNorth IndiaUSAWorldwide
1st Day34 Cr19 Cr15 Cr21 Cr15 Cr117.24 Cr
2nd Day20.14 Cr13 Cr13 Cr17.50 Cr18 Cr73.60 Cr
3rd Day25 Cr15 Cr15 Cr24.50 Cr6 Cr91.28 Cr
4th Day26.30 Cr10 Cr12 Cr34 Cr2.40 Cr123.37 Cr
5th Day9.14 Cr8.5 Cr8 Cr13.75 Cr1.47 Cr46.52 Cr
6th Day8.06 Cr6 Cr3 Cr12 Cr0.80 Cr40.15 Cr
7th Day7.43 Cr5 Cr1.7 Cr10 Cr0.55 Cr34.7 Cr
8th Day5.8 Cr3 Cr1.3 Cr8 Cr0.32 Cr25 Cr
Total Collection135.87Cr79.5Cr69 Cr140.75 Cr44.54Cr551.86 Cr
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2.0 Making



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