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There has been a lot of talks going around for Robo 2.0 Box Office collection. Featuring two big superstars, Rajinikanth & Akshay Kumar, the movie has high hopes. Reports say that the movie will make around 150 Cr on its first-day movie collection. As the movie has Rajinikanth & Akshay working together for the first, the movie itself has created a good hype.

According to Industry sources, Rajinikanth’s Robo 2.0 has done a worldwide pre-release business of 415 crores for Screening rights in theatres. With this high amount for the rights, The movie has to do very well to be break even for the buyers.

Robo 2.0 Box Office Collections, Hit or Flop and Review

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Robo 2.0 Total Box Office Collection

Tamil NaduAP &TSKarnatakaNorth IndiaUSAWorldwide
1st Day34 Cr19 Cr15 Cr21 Cr15 Cr117.24 Cr
2nd Day20.14 Cr13 Cr13 Cr17.50 Cr18 Cr73.60 Cr
3rd Day25 Cr15 Cr15 Cr24.50 Cr6 Cr91.28 Cr
4th Day26.30 Cr10 Cr12 Cr34 Cr2.40 Cr123.37 Cr
5th Day9.14 Cr8.5 Cr8 Cr13.75 Cr1.47 Cr46.52 Cr
6th Day8.06 Cr6 Cr3 Cr12 Cr0.80 Cr40.15 Cr
7th Day7.43 Cr5 Cr1.7 Cr10 Cr0.55 Cr34.7 Cr
8th Day5.36 Cr3 Cr1.3 Cr7.75 Cr0.32 Cr27.31 Cr
9th Day6.80 Cr1.19 Cr0.75 Cr5.8 Cr0.25 Cr32.87 Cr
10th Day7.57 Cr1.80 Cr0.47 Cr9.15 Cr0.20 Cr36.45 Cr
11th Day8.2 Cr2 Cr0.58 Cr11.52 Cr0.28 Cr33.70 Cr
12th Day5 Cr1 Cr0.30 Cr8.52 Cr0.15 Cr28 Cr
Total Collection163 Cr85.49Cr71.1 Cr175.49 Cr45.42Cr685.19 Cr

2.0 Review

We got the first review of Robo 2.0, which is going to be a milestone in Indian Film history both in terms of Sci-Fi Action Scenes, VFX and Direction. Movie Critic Umair Sandhu, who usually releases the reviews of all big movies a day before has come up with Robo 2.0 Review as well. Umair Sandhu is a renowned movie critic in UAE. He got hold of the Censor Board report and shared the contents on Social Media. His Tweets are doing rounds in Social Media and are trending heavily. So here is the review of Robo 2.0 in Umair Sandhu’s words.

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Robo 2.0 is a one-man show of the Super Star Rajini Kanth

The whole movie is single-handedly controlled by Rajini. His action in this movie is such a superlative level that nobody in the Indian Film industry can generate such an extraordinary performance so easily. Umair Sandu has mentioned that Lead Actress Amy Jackson also has done an excellent job and her screen appeal is fantastic

Akshay Kumar’s Action in Robo 2.0

Akshay Kumar’s action is extraordinary and his action sequences as the Villain character will create a fear sensation in the audience says, Umair Sandhu. The audience will agree that nobody else can do to the justice to the role better than Akshay Kumar. Umair Sandhu has tweeted that this Role of Akshay is very powerful and he will mesmerize the audience with his performance.

About Shankar’s Direction in Robo 2.0

Shankar has done a lot of hard work in making the roles of each lead actor very meaningful and powerful. The performances will stay in Audience memories for long. Shankar took up a complicated subject and done a very good job in making to fit for the screen. His Vision and Execution are exemplary. Umair Sandhu tweeted that the outcome of 2.0 will be as big as the Vision of Shankar. Umer Sandhu has quoted that Shankar will get many awards with this movie as a Best Director both in India and Globally.

Overall Robo 2.0 will remain a milestone in Indian Film History. The Science Fiction and Action scenes will set a trend for the upcoming Indian and International Movies.

READ  2.0 1st Day Box Office Collection

Excellent Story and Narration

The Story is around the Android Revolution and the power mobiles that this revolution brought. The scenes are very rich and the storyline is very thrilling. The VFX effects are superlative. mainly the roles of Akshay and Rajini are the backbones to this movie as tweeted by Umair Sandhu

Robo 2.0 Predicted/Expected Box Office Collection

There is no doubt that the movie will be doing about 100cr on its First Day Box office collection. But there is always a Good & Bad phase & hence we have our Robo 2.0 Box Office Collection Prediction.

If the movie Gets Positive Reviews

If the movie is doing exceptional good & have a positive response from viewers, then the movie is expected to make around 150cr on its first day &  a Total Box Office Collection of around 800cr.


1st-day box office prediction150 Cr
2nd-day box office prediction100 Cr
3rd-day box office prediction80 Cr
Opening weekend box office prediction200 Cr
Worldwide box office prediction700 Cr
Total box office500-800 Cr

If the Word of Mouth is not good

If the movie is good, then we have a gross of 800 Cr, but if in case the word of mouth is not positive, then the movie is expected to do a total box office collection of 500 Cr & around 80 Cr on its first day.

1st-day box office Collection prediction80 Cr
2nd-day box office Collection  prediction50 Cr
3rd-day box office Collection prediction30 Cr
Opening weekend box office Collection prediction150 Cr
Worldwide box office Collection  prediction400 Cr
Total box office Collection Prediction500 Cr


Industry Talk:

According to Business Today, Robo 2.0 is expected to break the record of Baahubali 2 & Kabali Box Office collections. As per Ramesh Bal, this movie will release in 140 Cinemas in Malaysia, which breaks the record of Rajinikanth’s Kabali which was released in 130 Cinemas.

Robo 2.0 has already made 120Cr on its pre-booking just in Tamil Nadu & the expectations have reached around 200Cr on its First-day collection.

Robo 2.0 Release:

The film will be released on 29th November 2018 and will be shown in over 10,000 screens worldwide. According to the reports, the movie is expected to make around 150Cr on its first-day collection.

The first show of this movie will start at 4:00 am in several parts of India and will run around 33,000 shows across India.

Watch 2.0 Promo:


Robo 2.0 Box Office Collection
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  1. It was amazing no words,to speck just to se it
    I hadn’t turn my herd because I may miss any vfx
    Sure it will cross every record in India and in international also
    S don’t piracy it we know story, so pls ho enjoy your weekend
    With family surely it will very relif All the best to entair team
    Of 2.0….


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