Fukrey Returns 1st day box office collection – Slow Start might pick up on Weekend days


Fukrey Returns 1st day box office collection

Fukrey Returns 1st day box office collection

Fukrey is back releasing with the same star cast under the title Fukrey returns. The film is back with the same cast added with some extra fun. The film is directed by Mrighdeep Singh and produced by Farhan Akhtar under the banner of zee studios. The film’s star cast also includes some new cast Fukrey Returns 1st day box office collection

The fukrey returns are back with double masti than the previous one. This time lali back from prison early and wants to continue where she left. But this she wants a lot of cash from them and wants to use their special powers to obtain that and also she wants to repay the politician Bhatia who gets her out early.

By doing this they got struck in more deeply with new emerging villains who want the money. But special mention must be given for Choocha ( Varun Sharma ) who steals the audience with his acting.

The rest of the team also has done their roles perfectly. Even though the second half was slightly boring but the masti never ends. They will make you laugh definitely in every scene.

On box office perspective point the film has collected more than predicted on the first day. In our recent post, we have predicted that the movie has chances of collecting 3 Cr on the opening day.

But it has opened nearly 3.5 Cr on the opening day and the seat occupancy was also nearly up to 40%. With good positive word of mouth, the movie collection will surely increase in the upcoming days. The first part of the “movie has made a total collection 35 Cr”.

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Fukrey returns 1st day Box Office Collection – 3.5 Cr

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