Jagga Jasoos – music review, story, screen releases in India, box-office prediction

Cast – ranbir kapoor, Katrina kaif , adah  Sharma , govinda

Direction – anurag basu

Genre – romance,drama

Release date – 7th April 2017

Movie review

This post is all about the making of jaggu jasoos and the review on 29 songs in this film and also screen releases in India. The film is all set to release on 7th april this year but there are some news that the release may be postponed. But yet it is not officially confirmed. But this is the first Indian film to have this much songs in a movie. The music was composed by pritam. Before the start of the film ranbir and Katrina were in a relationship. But after sometime they got breakup. This would have been be a big challenge for the director  to create chemistry between them.

Filming locations

The first schedule was shooted down in South Africa in 2014 itself. There shooting was late because of conflict between the Ranbir and Katrina. Then the next part was shooted at morocco and Thailand. And later the film was shooted down in Darjeeling.


The story is all about a detective who was in search of his missing father and the film is fully filled with lots of music and adventures

Music review

List of 29 music in the film

  1. Acha lage hai jana

This is the first song of the film. It is a romantic song filled with love. the song is nice to hear and will add a plus to the film. The music is combined with mild drum beat. The music is sung by a men. The name of the singer is unknown.

  1. Ishq ladhaye

This is also a romantic song by pritam. This song is filled with pain of the person. The music is combined with background humming voice and also a mild piano music too.

  1. Rock soniye

This is the next song of the film. It was also sung by men. The music is filled with mens voice. May be sung by pritam. It is combined with music of drums and guitar


  1. Rukhsat rahi

Rukhsat rahi is the next song in the list. This is a romantic song as well as other songs mentioned above.

  1. Tere waste

This song is sang by a women and men. This is the first song filled with womens voice. Also this is a romantic song as well. Pleasent to hear. Not bad to listen

  1. O meri jaan

This is the next song in this long list of songs. Video for this song is released

  1. Zinda rahe kya karo

This song as sung by arijit singh. Music was composed by pritam. A painful song this song will give a mild romantic pain to the listeners.

  1. Tuh hi hai

The song was sung by armaan malik. A video for this song is available. Once again a romantic compose by pritam.

  1. Tere sath

The music is sung by amaan  malik. Music was composed by pritham

  1. Mera yaar mila dey

Once again armaan malik sung this song. Pritham is the composer

  1. Tune pehli nazar

The song was sung by kirpal singh Another male voice . once again pritham is the composer.

This is the list of songs released till now. The rest of songs will be released later

Screen releases

The film is going to be released on april 7. Coming to screen count there is expectation among the fans because of the news that The film is containing of 29 songs most by any movie. Since there is no big releases on april 7 in bollywood circle. But there is another Hollywood film releasing on the same date fast and furious 8 starring vin diesel. Already the fast and furious series have a huge reach among Indian fans. There is no doubt this film will bag more screens than jagga jasoos. So it will be good anurag basu and producer reconsiders the release date.

Trailer review

The trailer for the film was released on December 19th 2016 released down by utv motion pictures. Till now the trailer has got 17,117,229 views and 112,226 likes. This is a different trailer for the people who have watched it. Yes there is no one speaking in this trailer. It is full of music. And we can see lot of adventures in the trailer. It shows that the film is full of adventures. The making of graphics was good. Katrina looks charm. From the trailer we can see ranbir and Katrina were in a pursuit of something. And they were chased by enemies. The only ranbir tries to speak is when he was caught while trying to kiss Katrina he was caught and he says my lips were dry. Jagga Jasoos – music review, screen releases, trailer review

And this is what this post contains Jagga Jasoos – music review, screen releases, trailer review


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