KGF Box Office Collection

KGF Box Office Collection

We have got some positive reviews from users from users and According to them, KGF Box Office collection will break the all-time record for a Movie made in Sandlewood. Also, this movie will bring a huge change in Yash Career. Looking at KGF 1st Day Collection, it has already done more than 25 Cr and is expected to do better on its 2nd Day.

According to Critics, KGF is a movie that will slowly gain popularity in the Industry. Yash has a huge potential in the Bollywood Industry. Now everyone is expected to see KGF Chapter 2. People are comparing KGF vs Bahubali 2, which gives ensures that KGF’s 2nd part has a better opportunity.

KGF Box Office Collection

Here you will find KGF Box office collection Day wise and its worldwide collection.

KGF Worldwide Box Office Collection

KGF WorldwideCollection
KGF 1st Day Box office Collection30
KGF 2nd Day Collection27
KGF 3rd Day Collection29
KGF 4th Day Collection25
KGF 5th Day Collection22
KGF 6th Day Collection18
7th Day Collection10
8th Day Collection5
9th Day Collection4
10th Day Collection7
Total Collection216

KGF Kanada Box Office Collection

KGF KannadaCollection
KGF 1st Day Box office Collection7.5
KGF 2nd Day Collection9.4
KGF 3rd Day Collection10.5
KGF 4th Day Collection11.7
KGF 5th Day Collection12.5
KGF 6th Day Collection8.5
7th Day Collection4
8th Day Collection2
9th Day Collection2.5
10th Day Collection3
Total Collection80.8

KGF Hindi Box Office Collection

KGF HindiCollection
KGF 1st Day Box office Collection2
KGF 2nd Day Collection3
KGF 3rd Day Collection4.1
KGF 4th Day Collection2.9
KGF 5th Day Collection3.9
KGF 6th Day Collection2.6
7th Day Collection1.5
8th Day Collection1.25
9th Day Collection1.5
10th Day Collection2.25
Total Collection33.1

KGF Tamil Nadu Box Office Collection

KGF Tamil NaduCollection
KGF 1st Day Box office Collection2
KGF 2nd Day Collection1.8
KGF 3rd Day Collection1.5
KGF 4th Day Collection0.9
KGF 5th Day Collection0.8
KGF 6th Day Collection0.65
7th Day Collection0.3
8th Day Collection0.15
9th Day Collection0.13
10th Day Collection0.12
Total Collection9.09

KGF Telugu Box Office Collection

KGF TeluguCollection
KGF 1st Day Box office Collection3
KGF 2nd Day Collection2.4
KGF 3rd Day Collection3.5
KGF 4th Day Collection1.9
KGF 5th Day Collection1.6
KGF 6th Day Collection0.9
7th Day Collection0.5
8th Day Collection0.25
9th Day Collection0.2
10th Day Collection0.18
Total Collection15.46

KGF USA Box Office Collection

KGF USACollection
KGF 1st Day Box office Collection0.7
KGF 2nd Day Collection0.67
KGF 3rd Day Collection0.51
KGF 4th Day Collection0.45
KGF 5th Day Collection0.48
KGF 6th Day Collection0.42
7th Day Collection0.25
8th Day Collection0.1
9th Day Collection0.1
10th Day Collection0.1
Total Collection4.51

KGF Release Date & Screen Count

KGF was released on 21st December 2018 in over 2600 Screen. Later after the 2nd Week, KGF movie was allocated extra screens making it a total of 3000 Screens.  KGF was the first Kannada movies to get released in 5 Different languages like Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu & Hindi.

KGF Hit Or Flop

The movie KGF is one of the most successful movies of 2018. In spite of being released with big movies like Zero, KGF succeeds to rule the Box Office. KGF movie was produced with a budget of 80 Cr. Whereas, KGF’s Total Box Office Collection has crossed 250 Cr, which is 3 times of its budget. This is a clear indication that KGF was one of the biggest Hit.

On the other hand, the public gave a great response to KGF and was compared with a hight budget movie like Bahubali 2.There are also rumors that KGF Chapter 2 might get released by the end of 2019.

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