KGF vs Baahubali 2 Box Office Collections

Bahubali 2 vs KGF
Kannada Film Super Star Yash’s movie KGF has received quite a positive Critics review across all languages it is released in. During Public talk session, we saw that people were comparing KGF with Bahubali 2 as well, though there is a huge difference in terms of the sheer size of these movies. The reviews and the positive talks give us a feeling that KGF Box Office Collection will surely hit the top of the charts. KGF could be one of the super BlockBuster movies for 2018 competing with 2.0 as well. As people are comparing this movie with Baahubali 2, here we are with KGF vs Baahubali.

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KGF vs Baahubali 2 Facts

Talking about KGF vs Baahubali 2 fats, the major difference we see is in the budget. KGF was made with the Budget of 80 Cr, whereas Prabhas and Rana’s Starter “Baahubali 2, the conclusion” had a higher 250 Cr. There is also a huge difference in the screen count, Baahubali 2 had a 9000 Screens worldwide where KGF has only 2600.

ItemKGFBaahubali 2
DirectorPrashanth NeelSS Rajamouli
Original IndustryKannadaTelugu
Budget80 Cr250 Cr
Release Date21-December-201820-April-2017
Total Screens26009000
Release LanguagesKannada,
IMDB Rating9.1/108.3/10
Rotten Tomatoes Rating8.8/108.8/10


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KGF vs Baahubali 2 Box Office Collection Day wise

KGF has an upper hand of the number of languages by getting released in 5 different languages, but it is not a big movie as Baahubali. IMDB rating for KGF is better than Bahubali. This good feedback by audience may help KGF to gain ground over some time, though it can never be as big as Baahubali in terms of Box Office Collection.

Also Looking at the total Screen count, Baahubali 2 has a clear win over KGF Box Office Collection. As seen in the Below.

DayKGFBaahubali 2Difference
1st Day30 Cr190 Cr150 Cr
2nd Day27 Cr90.50 Cr63.5 Cr
3rd Day29.3 Cr91.50 Cr62.2 Cr
4th Day25.4 Cr80 Cr54.6 Cr
5th Day22.558 Cr35.5 Cr
6th Day18 Cr50 Cr32 Cr
7th Day10 Cr43 Cr33 Cr
8th Day5 Cr37 Cr32 Cr
9th Day4 Cr50 Cr46 Cr
10th Day7 Cr66 Cr59 Cr

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  1. Bahubali nothing but Prabhas, RANA & SS Rajamouli what is KGF ????????????
    Atleast can KGF get 25% Box Office Collections in Bahubali 2 ?
    Very Silly how can you compare ape with man ???????????

  2. I really liked kgf.. I saw on amazon.. I had seen bahubali in theatre.. But with kgf there was more emotion.. hero was hard working.. and I wanted the victory.. Bahubali hero dint look so inspiring as Yash…

  3. Bro bahubali got 9000 screens but kgf just 2600 screens…
    Im from telugu..i watched bahubali just 3 times..but kgf 30 times..bahubali 2 budget more than 250 crores but kgf just 70 -80 crores..