KGF vs The Villian Box Office Collections

In 2018 two big movies released in Karnata that is KGF and The Villian. Both the movies had great starts and people are comparing if KGF Box Office Collection could gross over The Villian Collection.  To know more on who will lead the Box Office collection, here is the KGF vs The Villian.

KGF 1st day Box Office Collection

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KGF vs The Villian Facts

KGF has a huge advantage over The Villian as the movie is getting released in 5 different languages and across India. There is also a huge difference in the budget, where KGF is made on a budget of 80 Cr and The Villian on 45 Cr.

ItemKGFThe Villian
HeroYashShiva RajKumar
Director Prashanth NeelPrem
Original IndustryKannada IndustryKannada Industry
Budget80 Cr45 cr
Release Date21-December-201818 October 2018
Total Screens2600
Release LanguagesKannada,
IMDB Rating9.1/106.5/10
Rotten Tomatoes Rating8.8/10


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KGF vs The Villan Box Office Collection

As KGF is released across India, its Box Office Collection is definitely high. KGF is expected to gross more than 200 Cr in its total collection and it will be Yash’s most successful movie in the Box Office history.

DayKGFThe VillanDifference
1st Day30 Cr12 Cr18 Cr
2nd Day27 Cr15 Cr12 Cr
3rd Day29.3 Cr9 Cr20.3 Cr
4th Day25.4 Cr9.50 Cr15.9 Cr
5th Day22.56.10 Cr16.4 Cr
6th Day18 Cr6.80 Cr11.2 Cr
7th Day10 Cr5.2 Cr4.8 Cr
8th Day5 Cr4.85 Cr1.85 Cr
9th Day4 Cr4.50 Cr0.50 Cr
10th Day7 Cr4.20 Cr2.8 Cr


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KGF Kannada vs The Villan Box Office Collection

When The Villan got released in Kannada, there was no other big movie getting released and hence it has grossed 12 Cr on its first Day, whereas KGF has Maari 2 because of which its collection is lower to 7.5 Cr on its first day. But it is expected to gross more on the weekend and other days.

DayKGF KannadaThe VillanDifference
1st Day7.57 Cr0.5 Cr
2nd Day9.4 Cr8 Cr1.4 Cr
3rd Day10.5 Cr5 Cr5.5 Cr
4th Day11.7 Cr6 Cr5.7 Cr
5th Day12.5 Cr4 Cr8.5 Cr
6th Day8.5 Cr5 Cr3.5 Cr
7th Day4 Cr4 Cr0 Cr
8th Day2 Cr3.50 Cr1.50 Cr
9th Day2.5 Cr3.10 Cr0.60 Cr
10th Day3 Cr3.05 Cr0.05 Cr

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