Logan – worldwide box office prediction and screen releases


Logan – worldwide box office prediction and screen releases

Cast crew – hugh Jackman, Patrick stewart, Stephen merchant, dafne keen

Release date – 3rd march 2017 ( worldwide )

budget – 127 million us dollars

director – james mangold

story line

logan or wolverine 3 releasing worldwide on march 3rd is set for a grand release. In the year 2024 the mutants birth were decreasing dramatically. A girl having some mysterious problem is taken care by logan. It was find that government has turning mutants into a killing machine. It is made by a government program called transigen.

Stephen will be helping logan in taking careof the professor.stephen is playing a role as calliban . professor is unable to control his powers. That’s why logan is taking care of him.


There was some rumours that this is going to be the last part of wolverine and also this is the last part he is doing in x men series. This movie wolverine is a part of x men series. Patrick stewart  is playing his older role in this movie. There were some lead female like Elizabeth rodriguez and lauren gros.

This film was shooted down in north meadows, mexico and inner parts of America. This movie is going to be produced by  marvel entertainment who were the leading producers of the movie the avengers.

There  was some news that hugh Jackman is making a huge transformation in his boy for this movie. In last x men series released in 2016. But that movie was not a big reach due to some reasons. It may be due to reason that hugh Jackman was not a part of the series.

logan Box office prediction

Since the budget of the movie is 127 million us dollars. The box office collection will be a high expectation for the producing crew. Since this film is going to be released  on 3rd march worldwide and also there is some good news that this is the only major Hollywood film releasing on that day. Also this is the last part of wolverine there will be a high expectation among  worldwide fans.  Higher box office collection will be expected in the region of asia. Because india is the region where the movie can have a higher box office collection. Here is the logan box office prediction for  first one week

Day 132 cr
Day 240 cr
Day 337 cr
Day 435 cr
Day 545 cr
Day 640 cr
Day 738 cr


Worldwide screening report

This film will bag maximum no screens along worldwide. Higher screening will be obtained in the Asian  region. So we have to wait till the movie release.

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