Badhaai Ho Review and Box Office Collections – Hit or Flop

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    Badhaai Ho


    A man faces embarrassment in the society when he finds out his mother is pregnant

    Director Amit Sharma
    Release Date 19 October 2018
    Movie Status
    Movie Rating Not rated

    Badhaai Ho  Hindi romantic comedy film from the Director Amit Ravindernath Sharma slated to be released in theaters on 19th October 2018. But this movie is released on 18th October due to Dusera Holiday.

    Badhaai Ho Review and Box Office Collections

    Badhaai Ho movie 43 days, Total worldwide box office collections are 145.6 crores Approximately.

    Based on the response from the audience and the seat filling capacity at theaters, Badhaai Ho Day 1 Box Office collection is expected to be around Rs 6 to 7 Crore. There is also news that it has done around 7.15 at the domestic box office. Let us wait and see for the official confirmation.

    Badhaai Ho Storyline

    A middle-income Railway Ticket Collector lives in New Delhi with his spouse, two grown-up children, and his mother. News breaks out that his wife is pregnant which comes like a shock to the entire family. To top it they also have to deal with social embarrassment – friends, relatives, neighbors, everyone’s gaze is now turned towards the Kaushik household. It is the elder son, Nakul, in particular, wasn’t really looking forward to this new addition to the family. What follows is a phase of resentment and emotional confusion for Nakul as he also goes through ups-and-downs in his relationship with his upper-class girlfriend, Renee. Torn between public embarrassment and love for his family, especially his mother, Nakul tries to come to terms with the idea of his parents’ active sex life and the idea of family itself.” –  Courtesy, IMDB

    A middle-aged women Priyamvada Kaushik (Neena Gupta) married Jeetender Kaushik (Gajraj Rao) gets pregnant unexpectedly. The couple also has two grown-up sons  Nakul (Ayushmann Khurrana) and Gullar (Shardul Rana). The couple becomes a talking point in their Social Circles and their sons started to feel embarrassment.

    The two sons are shocked by the news of their Mother’s pregnancy and that their parents still have an active love life. Priyamvada receives a mixed response to the news with her friends feeling happy, while her own children are not at all happy and angry about the news. Nakul’s (Aayushman) relationship with his girlfriend gets affected by the pressure he feels from this news. The movie is all about how Nakul faces these situations between his love and the news about his mother and finally comes to the terms of Family itself.


    Badhaai Ho Review

    Badhaai Ho Review and Box Office Collections
    Badhaai Ho Review and Box Office Collections

    Indian Middle-Class Family system has its own set of values and morals. Though it was very common 30-50 years back, these days a couple getting pregnant when they already have two adult sons is going to be an embarrassment and awkward to the family, at least as per Director of this movie.

    This movie has delivered striking performances from Gajraj Rao, Neena Gupta, and Ayushmann Khurrana. This film is as funny as it is liberal and the Humor carried by the lead roles is very good. This film is unique and stands out for its core message that Romance and Love and has no age attached to them.

    Very Good Direction by Amit Ravindernath Sharma

    Director Amit Ravindernath Sharma done a fantastic Role by putting the focus on Gajraj Rao and Neena Gupta, unusual to movies these days which focus on only lead roles which often are young people. Romantic moments of roles played by these Senior Actors are the key high lights of the movie. Gajraj Rao’s performance is the best thing in ‘Badhaai Ho’ and Neena Gupta’s Performance is excellent in her portrayal of an unsettled mother.

    The way the parents break the news to their family is hilarious. The writers Shantanu Srivastava and Akshat Ghildial brought in some genuinely likable moments in the movie Steering clear the stereotypes.

    Ayushman played the role of one of the Sons and Reene (Sania Malhotra) as his girlfriend.

    Rating: 4.5/5

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