Naam Shabana day 2 box office collection and movie review – A slow start may pick up in the weekend


Naam Shabana day 2 box office collection and movie review – A slow start may pick up in the weekend

Cast –  taapse paanu, Akshay Kumar

Direction – Neeraj Pandey

Genre – action, drama

Running time – 148 minutes


Naam Shabana a middle-class girl born to a couple but his father keep on drinking and beating her which disturbs Shabana accidentally he killed her father. So she spent her few years of life in jails. Later she got a job as a spy in an international. She was assigned a job to assassinate a arms dealer. And Akshay makes a special appearance as a saviour of Shabana.

Naam Shabana day 2 box office collection

The box was not so good on an opening day it seems lower than expected. The seat occupancy was good in the morning but declines during an afternoon. And regains during the evening. Let’s come to the Naam Shabana day 2 box office collection the film collects 4.5 Crores on an opening day. This seems a poor opening on the day 1 the report might go up during the weekend days. It should be noted that the film’s budget is 30 crores. on the second day the film collected 5.25 Crores



Naam Shabana a film that shows a life of a brave girl who overcomes all her struggle to became to the position that she was. The child Shabana character was done well by the girl who has done it. And the darkness and evil surrounded by the girl show us how girls safety is in our country. Neeraj doesn’t show taapsee as an ordinary girl. He gives this girl much importance to getting highlighted. Shabana role played by taapsee puts lots of hard work for that character. she fights, cries, loves these woman do all things, the fighting sequences were amazing thanks to the stunt masters

The special appearance made by Akshay Kumar as a saviour of Shabana is really amazing. He tries to save her in every scene he comes in. Though his role and screen presence is less the scores in every scene he comes in. His presence makes audience cheer up. The screenplay was a bit slow if it was slight high might highlight the story of the film. The film was not so superb in the first half during the childhood life of Shabana. The songs were also not so much effective. Music might be better. Dialogue writing was also not that good because dialogues were seen familiar.

In overall if a director has put some more effort the film would be totally different to watch. Overall name Shabana can be watched for the hard work of taapse and for the presence of Akshay Kumar.



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