Padman 26th & 27th day Box Office Collection – New Releases Overthrown Padman’s Run


Padman 26th & 27th day Box Office Collection 

Padman 26th & 27th day Box Office Collection 

It’s Almost nearly 1 month until the release of Padman one of the film of this year which has been released with so many expectations and expected to create history at the box office. But unfortunately, it was unable to reach 100 Cr mark which Akshay Kumar has achieved in his past 5 films.  However, the film delivered a good social message across the country.

Here’s what Akshay Kumar replied when asked about the film’s box office performance

I am not thinking of Rs 100 crore, or Rs 300 crore as the media and others are talking. I was sitting outside my vanity van the other day and there were four boys talking about the film’s trailer and they spoke on how sanitary pads are being worn. That for me, is the biggest achievement we could have had with our film. I am happy that we are achieving what we set out to.”

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Padman Daywise Box Office Collection

DayBoxoffice Collection
1st day10.26 Cr
2nd day13.68 Cr
3rd day16.11 Cr
4th day5.87 Cr
5th day6.12 Cr
6th day7.05 Cr
7th day3.78 Cr
8th day2.10 Cr
9th day3.15 Cr
10th day3.78 Cr
11th day1.50 Cr
12th day1.25 Cr
13th day1 Cr
14th day1 Cr
15th day0.50 Cr
16th day0.80 Cr
17th day1 Cr
18th day0.65 Cr
19th day0.45 Cr
20th day0.39 Cr
21st day0.41 Cr
22nd day0.17 Cr
23rd day0.19 Cr
24th day0.35 Cr
25th day0.14 Cr
26th day0.11 Cr

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