Padmaavat ( aka ) Padmavati 15th & 16th day Box Office Collection – Breaking Records


 Padmavat 15th & 16th day Box Office Collection

Padmavat 15th & 16th day Box Office Collection

We’ll all Know that Padmavati has been released after a Long Struggles being Faced So Many Obstacles for the title Padmavati. Finally, they made them change the Title to Padmaavat but they don’t stop they still continued to give Problems needing the ban for the release of the film. However, the court cleared the case to release the film. Finally, the film is released and it been 1 week until the release of the film.

The movie which was performing well in the Southern States has started to perform well in the northern States too. Even though the movie not being released in Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh the movie being able to Cross 100 Cr in just 4 days and reached 150 Cr in 7 Days and has high chances of reaching 200 Cr within the end of this weekend.

Padmavati depicts the story of Rani Padmavati who lives during the 13th century. And she was married by Rawal Ratan Singh who was admired for her Beauty and marries her on her visit to Lanka. While Sultan Alauddin Khilji was admired for her beauty on hearing about it. Then he does everything to acquire her.

Padmaavat Daywise Box Office Collection

DayBox office Collection
Premier Shows5 Cr
1st day19 Cr
2nd day32 Cr
3rd day27 Cr
4th day31 Cr
5th day15 Cr
6th day14 Cr
7th day12.5Cr
8th day11Cr
9th day10 Cr
10th day16 Cr
11th day19.89 Cr
12th day7 Cr
13th day6 Cr
14th day5 Cr
15th day4.5 Cr
16th day4.25 Cr

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Padmaavat Overseas Box Office Collection

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