Sandakozhi 2 Review and Box Office Collections – Hit or Flop

Sandakozhi 2 Review and Box Office Collections

Sandakozhi 2 movie 45 days, Total worldwide box office collections are 62.60 crores.

Sandakozhi 2  is an upcoming Indian Tamil action-drama Movie written and directed by N. Lingusamy. This Movie is a sequel to the successful Vishal’s 2005 Movie Sandakozhi. 

Sandakozhi 2 Review and Box Office Collections
Sandakozhi 2 Review and Box Office Collections

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Sandakozhi 2 BoxOffice Collections

Sandakozhi 2 Released in around 400 screens. This movie had managed to generate positive buzz around it. The movie promos and audio had helped draw the viewers’ attention towards the movie. People had high hopes for this movie.  These are helping the movie to get a good opening at the Tamil Nadu box office. Sandakozhi 2 has grossed over 60 Lakh in Chennai and 4.5cr in TamilNadu.

The movie has met with mixed reviews. Yet the trade trackers are hopeful of the movie faring well in collection centers, considering the holiday weekend.

Day 1 Collections60 Lakh4.50cr35lakh8cr
Day 2 Collections55Lakh3.20cr40lakh6.5cr
Day 3 Collections60Lakh3.50cr50Lakh6.10cr
Day 4 Collections50Lakh3.10cr35Lakh5.05cr
Day 5 Collections28Lakh2.10cr20Lakh3.25cr
Day 6 Collections20Lakh1.76cr16Lakh3.10cr
Day 7 Collections15Lakh1.41cr8Lakh2.5cr
Day 8 Collections10Lakh1.20cr8Lakh2.05cr
Day 9 Collections8Lakh1.01cr5Lakh1.50cr
Day 10 Collections8Lakh1.10cr5Lakh1.50cr
Day 11 Collections10Lakh1.20cr6Lakh1.60cr
Day 12 Collections7Lakh60Lakh3Lakh1.20cr
Day 13 Collections5Lakh55Lakh3Lakh1.05cr
Day 14 Collections4Lakh50Lakh3Lakh85Lakh
Day 15 Collections3Lakh30Lakh2Lakh50Lakh
Total Collections43.75cr

Sandakozhi2 Day 6 Collections


Sandakozhi2 Day 5 Collections


Sandakozhi2 Day 4 Collections


Sandakozhi2 Day 3 Collections


Sandakozhi2 Day 2 Collections


Sandakozhi2 Day 1 Collections


Sandakozhi 2 Movie Details

Sandakozhi 2 is a Tamil Action, Family Drama movie starring Vishal, Keerthi Suresh, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar. This movie is written and directed by N.Linguswamy and producers are Vishal, Dhaval Jayantilal Gada, Akshay Jayantilal Gada, Music Directed by Yuvan Shankar Raja.

Cast & Crew

Brinda Sarathy S. Ramakrishnandialogue
Yuvan Shankar RajaMusic Director
Vishal, Dhaval Jayantilal Gada, Akshay Jayantilal Gada producers

Sandakozhi 2 Storyline

13 years after that high voltage action-packed prequel Balu(Vishal)  returns to protect his family from an old foe who is hell-bent on revenge.

Sandakozhi 2 is Vishal’s 25th film in a dual role as Father & Son with Keerthy Suresh and Rajkiran in the lead roles. Varalaxmi Sarath Kumar and Soori in other important roles.

Sandakozhi 2 Expected Release Date

This is one of the most awaited sequels in Kollywood, expected for a release on 18th October 2018.

Sandakozhi 2 Movie Review

The main story of this movie is the Death Risk for a young man (Anbu) during a festival and the Hero saving the young man and keeping the peace intact during the week-long thiruvizha that the seven villages of the place are conducting after a gap of seven years. This movie is a Full commercial Masala Movie like its predecessor released in 2005.

In this movie the hero, other characters compare Balu (Vishal), and his father  Durai Ayya (Rajkiran) to loins and they also behave the same way.

The romantic track of the film is very entertaining. The Lead Female (Keerthi Suresh) has given a very good performance and kept the movie interesting. Peechi played by Varalaxmi, in spite of her good performance, does not have much role in the movie and does not seem to be a threat.

Vishal and Keerthy Suresh in Sandakozhi 2 Shooting
Vishal and Keerthi Suresh in Sandakozhi 2 Shooting

Sandakozhi 2 Highlights

  • Hero Vishal’s Performance
  • Keerthi Suresh Refreshing performance
  • Commercial Masala Story

Sandakozhi 2 Drawbacks

  • Hari’s Character is clueless
  • Songs without context in Second Half
  • Limited Role for Varalaxmi Sarath Kumar


Sandakozhi 1 StoryLine


Sandakozhi released in 2005 was the Prequel to the Movie Sandakozhi 2.

The storyline of Sandakozi: After completion of his engineering, Balu (Vishal) visits his Friend Karthik in his native place Chidambaram. During the Visit Balu falls in Love with Karthik’s Sister Hema (Meera Jasmine). Balu on his way back from the Visit sees a man chasing another man and trying to kill him. He stops the man who is chasing and beats him up in defense. Balu gets to know that the man he stopped and beaten is none other than the highly feared local Don Kasi. Kasi wants to take revenge on Balu by killing him.

Kasi threatens Karthik’s father and gets to know the whereabouts of Balu. He Leaves to Madurai to kill Balu. But Kasi gets surprised to know that Balu is the son of the Local Powerful man Durai (RajKiran). Kasi waits in Madurai for an opportunity to take revenge.

One day Balu meets Hema and her family in a template and convinces her father to let him marry her. Her father though angry when he saw Balu, agrees after Balu convinces him.

Meanwhile, one day trying to kill Balu, Kasi attacks his father Durai. Then Durai understands Balu is under attack and tries to protect him. While all this happening, Kasi gets an accomplice in local person in Madurai (Thalaivasal Vijay), who is an enemy to Durai. Again Kasi unsuccessfully attacks Balu and his family during a template festival. Confident Balu beats up Kasi and challenges him to ever enter Madurai again.

Sandakozhi 1 Box Office Collections

Sandakozhi released in 2005 was a huge commercial hit and had earned 25 Crore at Box Office. 25 Crore was a big box office collection in those days – 2005.

Sandakozhi 2 Hit or Flop

With a predecessor like Sandakozhi which was a super hit in 2005 and a lot focus on the making of this commercial movie, Sandakozhi 2 is expected to be a Box Office hit. Let us wait and see, the Audience verdict will come today.

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