Secret Superstar 17 days China Box Office Collection – Secret Superstar is Growing High


Secret Superstar 17th day China Box Office Collection 

Secret Superstar 17th day China Box Office Collection 

Secret Superstar has been emerging as the biggest box office hit of all time in Aamir Khan’s Career after his biggest Success of All-time Dangal. Aamir has almost 4 releases in China Including Secret Superstar and among them, Dangal has made the highest box office business of around 1200 Cr.

While in India Secret Superstar’s lifetime biz was 63 Cr but it crossed it in just 2 days at China Box Office. Secret Superstar being made on a budget of 15 Cr has almost recovered more 40 % of its budget and the film is making high profits both to the distributors and Film Makers.

The main reason for Success of Secret Superstar in China was Aamir Khan because his last releases Dangal has Get him a Lots of fans for him in China.

Secret Superstar depicts the story of young Muslim Girl Insia who aspires to becomes a Singer but

her father stands as an obstacle in his career

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Secret Superstar Daywise Box Office Collection

1st day$6.88 million (43 Cr)
2nd day$10.5 million (64 Cr)
3rd day$9.84 million (61.04 Cr)
4th day$5.01 million (30 Cr)
5th day$4.87 million (28.89 Cr )
6th day$4.52 million  (27.26 Cr )
7th day$4.23 million (25.01 Cr )
8th day$4.83 million (30.02 Cr)
9th day$7.56 million (45.42 Cr)
10th day$6.99 million (41.99 Cr)
11th day$3.43 million (21.02 Cr)
12th day$3.33 million (19.79 Cr)
13th day$3.23 million (18.50 Cr )
14th day$2.82 million (17.81 Cr)
15th day$2.87 million (17.90 Cr)
16th day$2.03 million (16.45 Cr)
17th day$3.18 million (19.05 Cr)




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  1. What about golmaal-enough punters were going on,saying that aJay devgans film beat amir khans film-amir khan was in the movie for 15-minute’s,and now you see what wonders can do to amir khan movies,he only competes with himself,you lot should never underestimate the power of amir khan and his movie’s,bahubalis,budget alone is more than amir khans last 3-movies put together,inactual fact bahubali is not that much of a blockbuster with the budget of over250-crore plus and advertising etc.still dangal pissed all over it in the box office,and now it looks like secret superstar will do the same in ww box office collections,in other words don’t even think of underestimating any of the 3-khans power,padmavat-is okay,considering its bhansali film,it’s too long and gets boring,ranveer,and shah I’d should think slb for taking them on-the story of padmavat is full-on performance of deepika padukone,it’s performance and half,deepika you rock baby-keep it up


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