Secret Superstar 7 days Chinese Box Office Collection – Chinese New Year may Affects Collections


Secret Superstar 7th day Chinese Box Office Collection 

Secret Superstar 7th day Chinese Box Office Collection

Secret Superstar one of the best films of this year that went unoticable in Indian Box Office making 63 Cr being made on a low Budget of 15 Cr. The film Starring Zaira Wasim, Meher Vij, Arjun in the lead roles directed by Aadvik Chandan depicts the story of a Young Baroda Girl named Insia Belonging to a Conservative Muslim Family who aspires to becomes a singer but her Father doesn’t want to see her like that. So she Decided to become a Secret Superstar by uploading a Song of her on the internet which has Soon Becomes an internet sensation.

Secret Superstar has created records since the day it has been released in Chinese Box Office. It almost has made around 285 Cr in China after the end of its successful run of 7 days. This is the 2nd Aamir film to be released in China after dangal which has made a box office of around $193 Million ( 1200 Cr).

Secret Superstar’s fine Box Office Run Might be affected by Chinese New Year because some Chinese Films are going to be released on this occasion.


1st day$6.88 million (43 Cr)
2nd day$10.5 million (64 Cr)
3rd day$9.84 million (61.04 Cr)
4th day$5.01 million ( 30 Cr)
5th day$4.87 million ( 28.89 Cr )
6th day$4.52 million  ( 27.26 Cr )
7th day$4.23 million (25.01 Cr )

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