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Taxiwala is a 2018 Telugu movie with a perfect combination of horror, comedy & thriller. This movie is directed by Rahul Sankrityan featuring Vijay Deverakonda & Priyanka Jawalkar in lead roles. This movie is about how a Taxidriver’s life changes when he gets to know that his taxi is possessed by a ghost. Taxiwala is now on a journey to help the ghost to take revenge on its killers. In this post, we are bringing the review and day to day updates of Taxiwaala Box office Collections

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Taxiwaala Box Officwe Collections, Hit or Flop & Review

Vijay’s Taxiwala Box Office Collections:

Taxiwala was released in the USA on Friday 16th November and did average in their first Day collection. It made about 68 lakhs on the first day of its launch. Looking at the mix reaction on the movie, it is expected to make around 3 crores in AP & TS on its first day Box Office collection.

Taxiwala 17 days, Total worldwide box office collections are 40.20 Cr

Vijay’s Taxiwaala Total Box Office Collections

Total Collection24.90 Cr1.51 Cr3.66 Cr39.65 Cr
13th Day28 Lakhs2 Lakhs2 Lakhs35 Lakhs
12th Day65 Lakhs3 Lakhs5 Lakhs85 Lakhs
11th Day60 Lakhs3 Lakhs6 Lakhs80 Lakhs
10th Day70 Lakhs3 Lakhs8 Lakhs1.05 Cr
9th Day1.05 Cr6 Lakhs15 Lakhs1.40 Cr
Day81.02 Cr5 Lakhs12 Lakhs1.50 Cr
Day71.10 Cr8 Lakhs20 Lakhs1.80 Cr
Day61.50 Cr8 Lakhs25 Lakhs2.20 Cr
5th Day1.90 Cr10 Lakhs28 Lakhs2.80 Cr
4th Day2.10 Cr12 Lakhs30 Lakhs3.10 Cr

3rd Day Box Office Collection

AP/TS2.75 Cr
Karnataka18 Lakhs
USA48 Lakhs
Worldwide3.80 Cr

2nd Day Box Office Collection

AP/TS5.15 Cr
Karnataka28 Lakhs
USA80 Lakhs
Worldwide8 Cr

First Day Box Office Collection

Karnataka45 Lakhs
USA90 Lakhs
Worldwide12 Cr

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Taxivala Review

Overall the movie seems quite decent, but the climax of the movie is stretched which makes it slightly sloppy. The best part of this movie is how Vijay Deverakonda’s (Shiva) acting and the storyline that makes it worth watching.

Actors & Acting:

Vijay & his supporting character play an important role in making the movie fun. Madhunandan’s comedy is what most loved by everyone & both Vijay & Madhunandan part in this movie is humorous. Priyanka, on the other hand, gives glamour to the movie, but that does not last for a longer period of time.


The best part of the movie is the story & Saikumar has done a pretty good job here. The initial first part of the movie just shows a struggling boy for work. But later when he plans to be a Taxi driver, the whole story changes. The best part of this movie is how they develop ghost’s character. In the initial part where the ghost is introduced in the movie, we see how Siva going through tough time to accept it but later everything goes well.

Later in the movie, we see Siva helping the ghost to find its murderer & the ghost’s body. Siva gets to know everything about the past and plans to help the ghost to take the revenge. The story buildup is exceptionally good & this is what makes you wait till the climax of the movie.

Effects & Visuals:

We can’t say that this was best in terms of VFX, but the overall editing serves the purpose of this movie. The overall effect & visuals used in this movie is decent.


The movie comes with a total of 4 songs, where only 2 songs (Maate Vinadhuga & Neeve Neeve) in the movie is been loved by the audience. Comparing both the songs, Maate Vinadhuga has become the most popular song in the movie.

Vijay’s Taxiwaala Highlights

  • Amazing comedy dialogs
  • Funnier than horror

Taxiwaala Drawbacks

  • The climax of the movie is too sloppy

Taxiwala Movie Rating: 

In our rating, the movie has scored 3.2 in the overall performance. This movie has an amazing Direction and Screenplay, whereas Visuals would have been better. To know more about Taxiwala Movie rating, check the below table.

Taxiwaala Review
  • Direction
  • Cinematography
  • Music
  • Screenplay
  • visuals
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