Tiger Zinda Hai 34th day Box Office Collection – It is in its Final Run


Tiger Zinda Hai 34th day Box Office Collection 

Tiger Zinda Hai 34th day Box Office Collection

Most of the Films after Reaching  300 Cr Slows Down but Tiger Zinda hai was not like those films. But on opposite it doesn’t slow Down Even After Reaching 300 Cr. It has been creating new Records and Milestones every day.

Tiger Zinda Hai has almost Shattered all the records created by Previous Salman Khan Films. Before the release of Tiger, Zinda Hai Bajrangi Bhaijaan was Salman’s Previous best at Indian Box Office with 325 Cr but Tiger Zinda Hai has Beaten the Record in Just 24 Days of its release. It also Crossed his Another Best Sultan with 300 Cr.

Tiger Zinda hai collection has been Considerably reduced low and there are high chances of Tiger Zinda Hai might End its Theatrical Run within this week because Padmavat is releasing this week.

Day wise Box Office

1st day34.10 Cr
2nd day35.30 Cr
3rd day45.53 Cr
4th day36.54 Cr
5th day21.60 Cr
6th day17.55 Cr
7th day15.42 Cr
8th day11.25 Cr
9th day14.92 Cr
10th day22.23 Cr
11th day18.04 Cr
12th day7.83 Cr
13th day5.84 Cr
14th day5.09 Cr
15th day3.72 Cr
16th day5.62 Cr
17th day8.27 Cr
18th day2.72 Cr
19th day2.56 Cr
20th day2.30 Cr
21st day2.12 Cr
22nd day1.46 Cr
23rd day2.12 Cr
24th day3.27 Cr
25th day1.36 Cr
26th day1.02 Cr
27th  day0.88 Cr
28th day0.76 Cr
29th day0.79 Cr
30th day1.20 Cr
31st day1.84 Cr
32nd day0.71 Cr
33rd day0.59 Cr
34th day0.46 Cr

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Tiger Zinda Hai Overseas Box Office Collection


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