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Dhadak Full Movie Download

Dhadak a Bollywood romance movie written and directed by Shashank Kaithan. The movie is produced by Karan Johar, Hiroo Yash Johar, and Apoorva Mehta. The movie released on 20th July 2018 and stars Ishaan Khater and Janvi Kapoor. The supporting casts include Ankit Bisht, Ashutosh Rana, Aditya Kumar, and Shridhar Watsar. Shashank Khaitan has provided the Screenplay, while Ajay-Atul has provided the Bollywood Music. The story is about Madhu and Parthavi falls in love with each other but faces opposition from their families. Due to their differing social status and later on, they elope. Below you can find Dhadak Full Movie Download and where to watch Dhadak Full Movie Online Free HD.

Dhadak Movie Story

Dhadak is about Madhukar and Parthavi young college students who fall in love with each other. Whereas, Parthavi belongs to a rich political family and Madhukar belongs to a middle-class family. Let us see the details Dhadak story here.

The First Meeting

Dhadak starts with an eating competition, where Madhura wins and grabs Parthavi’s attention. Since then, Madhura tries to meet Parthavi where one day, his friends tell him about her being at the lakeside. In his try to impress Parthavi, Madhura gets injured and since then they start meeting regularly.

Parthavi, who belongs to the rich political family, is warned by his father to not meet Madhura. Hence, Madhura tries not to talk or contact Madhura for any reason.

Love Confession

As Parthavi is ignoring Madhura, He decides not to talk to her as he is not getting any response. During a college trip, when Madhura and Parthavi come close to each other, Parthavi starts complaining about him ignoring her. As the discussion gets deeper, Parthavi ends up proposing Madhura.

When Everyone Gets To Know About Their Love

One day, Parthavi calls Madhura to her bother’s birthday and challenges him to kiss him. But finally, things happen, they get caught by Parthavi’s family, which creates a lot of issue for Madhura and his friends.

As Parthavi’s father is a big politician in the town, he uses his power to involve Madhura is a fake case. As a result, Parthavi threats everyone to let Madhura go or else she will shoot herself. This later leads both of them to leave their place and go somewhere else. During this run, they reach Mumbai at Parthavi’s uncle’s place. Whereas, his uncle asks them to locate in Kolkata till the time everything is sorted.

The Misunderstanding

As soon as they shift to Kolkata, Parthavi gets a job in a restaurant nearby and Madhura starts working in a call center. One day, when Parthavi visits Madhura’s office he finds himself talking to his Manager, which leads to a big misunderstanding. Parthavi things that Madhura is cheating on her. This ends up in a heated discussion, which separates them from each other. When Madhura finds his heart empty without Parthavi, both of them plans to marry each other.

The Climax

After getting married, both Parthavi and Madhura starts living a happy life and in a year give birth to their child. Things get serious when Parthavi’s brother comes to meet them in Kolkata. Finding it fishy, Madhura asks Parthavi’s brother to stay out of it. When Parthavi thinks everything is going good, he sees Madhura and his son thrown away from the balcony.

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Movie Details:

The film lured many footfalls and impressed the audience. Nevertheless, the movie made in the budget of 41 crores and garner the revenue of 110 crores on the box office collection. The film received good reviews from public and critics. Dhadak the super hit film of 2018 and received 4.5 ratings in IMDb.

Release Date 20 July 2018
Movie Length 138 minutes
No of Songs 4
Languages Hindi
IMDB Rating 4.8/10
Budget 51 Cr
Director shaan Khatter
Lead Actors Anil Kapoor
Total Collection 110.11 Cr


Dhadak Full Movie Download HD

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Where To Watch Dhadak Full Movie Online?

We sincerely do not support piracy and watching movies online or downloading it. The rules are meant to be followed and it is also against the law.

  • Watch Dhadak Full movie Online on Zee 5 from location: Zee 5
  • Also, you can Watch Dhadak online on Amazon Prime Video from location: Amazon Prime Video.



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