A Big Change for the Box Office?

The rapid rise of online streaming and video-on-demand over the past few years has had a big impact on the box office as a whole, but many of the big numbers have continued to pull in huge numbers as audiences flock to the movies once a widely anticipated movie is released. There have always been questions around what may happen if the box office makes a shift to video-on-demand, and it looks like this next year may finally give an answer on what could change as the box office gears up for an online shift.

Many have already become aware of the change in big markets as an online presence becomes more popular, particularly over the past year as options in land-based betting and casino especially have been forced to close leading to online services thriving, many have been able to take advantage of the likes of a Virgin Casino Promo Code amongst many others as online continues to lead the way forward.

A Big Change for the Box Office

The big change for the box office could come as an announcement towards the end of last year from the Hollywood giants of Warner Bros stated that all of their releases scheduled for 2021 would come both to the cinema and directly on the streaming platform HBO Max too, signaling the first big change away from the cinema. Others in the space like Disney+ have already restructured for a more streamed focus moving forward and although they haven’t been able to hit the bigger numbers with their Premiere service, they’re still certainly doing very well.

Whilst the cinema industry has been struggling for a while anyway as ticket sales tend not to make up the cost, and instead rely on the sale of concessions, this pandemic period could certainly tip things over as many have already had to close – there are some suggestions that there could be somewhat of a renaissance as individuals looking to get back out to enjoy favorite pastimes once things return to normal which could see an uptick in attendance, but there’s certainly no guarantee, particularly as the convenience is just as important.

This first step will largely be a trial period, as the first big studio to make the change and the first major shift away from tradition, it’s certainly unexplored ground – success will lead many others to make the change too as success has been found in limited ways for video-on-demand, but there will also be just as many that question whether or not the success was due to the pandemic or just changing requirements – an answer that will certainly soon be given.