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Buttabomma Full Movie Download

Anika Surendran, Surya Vashishta and Arjun Das starrer Buddhapomma is directed by newcomer Shorey Chandrasekhar Ramesh. Vishwak Sen released the official trailer of the film. With cinematography by Vamsi Patsibulusu and dialogues by Ganesh Kumar Raury, the trailer is an instant eye-catcher. Produced by Naga Vamsi and Sai Chaujanya, Buddhapomma will release on February 4, 2023.

Buttabomma movie Trailer

One minute and thirty-seven seconds shows the lifestyle of people in a small village near Akaru Valley. A young man named Sathya (Anika Surendran) is shown as a beautiful girl who has a friendly bond with autorickshaw driver Surya Vasishtha. After showing some adorable scenes, Arjun Das’s character enters the scene as an aggressive guy. What does he want? What circumstances led to the bond with Surya? Why does Arjun Das’s character land in the village? How the clash between Arjun Das and Surya Vashishta will affect Satya’s life is expected to be crucial. From a perspective, the trailer of Putta Pomma is interesting and has a refreshing feel as Anika Surendran sizzles on screen as the lead actress. On the other hand, Arjun Das draws in a character with a negative connotation.

Movie story

Sathya (Anika Surendran) is a younger girl who lives in Araku with her parents. Satya helps her mother get tailoring orders. When her mother asks her to touch a customer, daughter Murali (Suriya Vasishtai) meets with a series of mishaps. Satya is intrigued by his voice and falls in love with Murali, an auto driver, as their conversations grow more frequent. They choose to fulfill in Visakhapatnam. When a mysterious figure named RK (Arjun Das) enters their lives, chaos ensues.

Buttabomma Full Movie Download

Sithara Entertainment delivers blockbusters with small films and newcomers. Having already proved it with DJ Dillu, now they have tried it with Puttabomma. Movie fans already know who the heroine actors are. How he entertained his character in his earlier films. He is currently making his debut in Telugu with Buddhomma. Congratulations and blessings to Team Puttabomma. Do not use piracy to watch Puttabomma movie. We recommend viewers to watch Buddhapomma Full Movie in theaters for best movie quality with theater sound effect experience.

Buttabomma Movie Review

Malayalam movies are dull films. When it covers Telugu, this dull part no longer works, Cappella became a Malayalam film that got fantastic ratings at one point during the pandemic period with OTT watch. But for a theater watch, A Cappella is a run-of-the-mill movie with a great message. Telugu director Shorey Chandrasekhar T Ramesh might have wanted to speed up the film by following an equally dull piece. The film talks about love and human trafficking. Tension drives emotion in the 2d half. The entire piece became a replica of the original version with minor changes. Based on the story of Wayand in Malayalam, the story begins as Araku in Telugu.

Apart from Anika, Suriya Vasishtha also works well. His signature sunglasses are extraordinary and he portrays them well. Although this is his debut film, after watching his overall performance it is surprising that he is such a talented actor.

The director has chosen strong actors for this film. Anika Surendran becomes extraordinary with her overall performance as a teenage girl who doesn’t have much confidence in buying a smartphone. He has done his job well. Surya Vasishta is a car driver and narrow minded. Arjun Das and Navya Swamy as RK have given their overall performance well. But the dull drama tests our patience. While exposing the message of human trafficking, the film should be unapologetic and unapologetic. But put pomma ha extra drama is boring. Cinematographer Vamsi Patsipulusu is impressive. The beauty of the film has been shot beautifully and the songs are also good.