Best Movies and Series on Bitcoin and Mining: Top 20

Movies and Series on Bitcoin

As you relax during the Christmas and New Year holidays, you can divert your thoughts from the news about Covid-19 by watching a good movie. This list is intended for those who love cryptocurrencies, although some of these titles may appeal to everyone.

This is our selection of 8 movies and series on cryptocurrencies that paid tribute to this innovative industry whose main ‘product’ is most famous as Bitcoin, but there are others, such as Ethereum, Litecoin, etc., which can be used for both illegal (dark web) and legal activities (paying for stuff, buying cars, real estate, betting at best Ethereum betting sites…).


Year of release: 2015

The film follows Malcolm, a teenager from Inglewood, an endangered area of Los Angeles. He dreams of going to Harvard, but the school counselor believes this guy has no chance.

After attending an underground party, he finds a large shipment of ecstasy, a gun, and an iPhone in his bag – the teenager is involved in drug trafficking. To survive, he and his friends create a website to sell drugs for Bitcoin. See and find out if Malcolm can get out of this story and go to Harvard.

Bitcoin Heist

Year of release: 2016

Vietnamese fighter with kung fu, shootings, quests, handsome men and women, luxury life – all in the background of Bitcoin adventure. A hacker nicknamed Ghost steals millions of cryptocurrencies, no one can catch him, and he prepares to commit his greatest crime.

Interpol tried all official methods, but could not catch the Ghost. One of the special agents decides to use illegal methods and gathers a team of professional hackers – a kind of “suicide team” – who must stop the hacker.


Year of release: 2017

A Finnish psychological drama that reflects on the dangers of modern society. This is not a fun movie. It talks about four unrelated characters In parallel:

  • Kari is an intellectual police officer who will soon become a physicist who has a complex relationship with a cellist.
  • Janne is a young, talented, rapper who shoots.
  • Harry is an elderly banker mourning the death of his wife.
  • Mika is a cell phone dealer who dreams of change.

They all happen to end up on a mining farm in a banking office. Unfortunately, Bitcoin will not make them happy.


Year of release: 2019

This is a financial thriller. Martin is an anti-money laundering expert in the banking industry. After he was demoted due to diligence and honesty, he was ordered to audit the provincial bank in the city where he grew up.

The city has changed: now a local bar accepts Bitcoin, and a childhood friend has his own mining farm. Martin accidentally discovers a multimillion-dollar money-laundering plan that runs through a local art gallery. Fraudsters sell images for cryptocurrencies. This is the hardest and most dangerous thing in his career. By joining it, he crosses the path of the Russian mafia and endangers his own family. A big plus is the cast of the film: Beau Napp, Kurt Russell, and Luke Hemsworth.

How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)

Year of release: 2019

The German teen series in two seasons on Netflix is ​​based on true events. In 2013, German teenager Maximilian started selling drugs from his own bedroom and sold illegal substances worth 4.5 million euros in two years. He worked professionally: darknet, IP addresses, encryption, bank accounts with fake passports… The guy was arrested in 2015 and sentenced to seven years in prison.

The real story of Maximilian didn’t fit well for the cinema because the student almost never left his own room. So the creators of the series turned him into a schoolboy named Moritz. His heart was broken – his girl went to a drug dealer. To return his love, Moritz decides to become the coolest drug dealer in town. Together with his best friend Lenny, a terminally ill guy, he runs drug trafficking on the Internet, of course, for Bitcoin. Whether Moritz will be able to get his beloved back and not go to jail is the main intrigue of the series, which is short: 6 episodes of 30 minutes per season – you can watch it in one evening.

Despite the provocative action, the series is instructive – the drugs in it are pure evil, people feel bad about it, and others don’t want to follow Moritz’s footsteps…

Mr. Robot

Year of release: 2015

The now cult American TV series (broadcast for four years) is about the brilliant and unsocial hacker Elliot Alderson. The leader of a hacker group tries to recruit him to destroy a corporation that wants to gain control of the world. Cryptocurrencies are often mentioned in the show. So, the main villains – the Corporation of Evil – issue their own cryptocurrency and with its help, they want to gain control over every wallet and seize financial power.

In one episode, Elliot uses cryptocurrencies and mixers to hide the history of money laundering transactions. It is funny that the series showed the address of a real Bitcoin wallet. After the episode aired, fans of the show started sending her coins. A total of 0.00432954 BTC was sent, which is a few tens of dollars.


Year of release: 2016

American television crime drama from video streaming service Crackle has 3 seasons talking about the FBI’s fight against financial criminals. Special Agent Phil Rask, played by Martin Freeman, is investigating the illegal activities of an old criminal who asked his son, a talented financier, for help in legalizing income. With the help of developers, he created a new cryptocurrency, GenCoin, which cannot be tracked or controlled, and transferred his father’s money into it.

Rusk will have to find a way to prove the criminal’s source of funds and stop the fraudsters. Several more stories are being developed in parallel. The series warns that cryptocurrencies are not a panacea and can be used for evil in the wrong hands.

The Big Bang Theory

Year of release: 2007

Amid the crypto boom of 2017, the heroes of the series Leonard, Raj, and Howard recall that in 2012 they mined a lot of bitcoins. It is funny that the main smart guy in the ‘crew’ Sheldon Cooper was not involved in mining at the time, fearing tax consequences. The heroes can barely remember that the bitcoins were on a laptop, which Penny, the wife of one of the heroes, gave to her ex-boyfriend.

The episode (this is the 9th episode of the 11th season) is worth watching even if you are not a fan of the show: it clearly shows how Bitcoin has become a valuable asset from worthless digital trinkets that can enrich its owners. The series also shows well how not to store cryptocurrencies and why a lot of early mined bitcoins are gone forever.