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Dil Diyan Gallan Full Movie Download

Dil Diyan Gallan is a 2019 Punjabi romantic drama film directed by Uday Pratap Singh. The movie is about a love story whereas a guy falls for a girl but he can’t find her. This is an ordinary love story with a different concept. The film features Parmish Verma and Waqima Gabbi in the lead roles. Below this article, you will find details about Dil Diyan Gallan Full Movie Download and details about where to Watch Dil Diyan Gallan Online.

Dil Diyan Gallan Story 

Dil Diyan Gallan showcases  Parmish Verma who in search of Waqima Gabbi. This movie is, in fact, storytelling about two strangers and how they meet and fall for each other. In the initial part of the movie, you will see how Parmish and Waqima meet in the UK. Later they decide to travel together and during this, they madly fall in love with each other.

The problem in their life starts when a small misunderstanding changes their life. Parmish who is unable to explain his loyalty, whereas Waqima leaves him without saying a word. Later, when things get out of control for Parmish, he decides to visit Waqima’s place and show his love towards her. So, will Parmish will be able to showcase his love? This is what the entire movie is all about.

Movie Details:

Dil Diyan Gallan Release Date10 May 2019
Movie LengthTBA
Box Office CollectionTBA

Dil Diyan Gallan Full Movie Download HD

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Where to Watch Dil Diyan Gallan Online?

Dil Diyan Gallan Punjabi movie will take around 4 months to be available on legal streaming websites. Which means, you can watch Punjabi movie, Dil Diyan Gallan legally after September 2019.

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