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Kedarnath Full Movie Download
Kedarnath is a 2018 drama and romantic Bollywood movie, directed by Abhishek Kapoor. The movie is produced by Ronnie Screwvala, Pragya Kapoor, Abhishek Kapoor, and Abhishek Nayyar. In the lead roles are Sushant Singh Rajput and Sara Ali Khan. The supporting cast includes Nitish Bharadwaj and Alka Amin. Abhishek Kapoor has provided the Screenplay, while Amit Trivedi has provided the Music. Talking about one of the recent movies from Bollywood is Kedarnath where we see Sara Ali Khan debut opposite to Sushant Singh Rajput. The movie had got good hype and people have loved the story and concept of the movie. Along with that, the movie has some amazing songs. Being one of the unique love story based on a true incident, the movie did create some hype and hence people are looking for Kedarnath Full Movie Download and where to watch Kedarnath Full Movie Online Free HD.

Kedarnath Movie Story

About Mansoor and Mukku’s life

Mansoor, a local Muslim living near the Kedarnath temple, carries the tourists up to the famous temples from the valley. Mukku, the daughter of a priest who is a Hindu Brahmin running hostels of the temple committee for the pilgrims, is engaged to the son of the head priest who is also a Brahmin. Initially, it was agreed that the son would marry the older sister, but when the younger one grew up prettier, he decided to marry her, and Mukku’s father also agreed. In order to revolt against this, Mkku tried convincing local boys to come up to her father for her hand by flirting with them.

Mansoor and Mukku’s relationship

Once, Mansoor and Mukku cross paths and notice each other. Mukku initiates their relationship and makes him a regular for porting her off to a neighboring village where she helped at her uncle’s shop. During the rides, Mukku flirted a lot and most of the time, Mansoor reciprocated. One day they get trapped because of heavy rain. They start sharing each other’s childhood stories and eventually kiss.

Sara flirting with Sushanth

Mansoor’s sister tells him that Mukku is just flirting with him and when confronted, Mukku is unable to convince him otherwise. She one day sits outside his house during the rain. Her sister covers Mukku at home but Mukku’s family eventually finds out the truth and they decide to kick all the Muslims out of the Brahmin community. Using the new luxury hotel excuse for space, they plan to throw them out.

Chaos created by Brahmins due to the Muslims

Mukku’s family move up the date of her wedding Function, but Mukku insists that Mansoor will save her. When the Muslims prepare to leave the Brahmin community, Mansoor pledges that he won’t leave without Mukku. Before Mansoor could save her, Mukku’s family forcefully get Mukku married and thus, Mukku attempts suicide but her family saves her. Hearing about this, Mansoor runs to see Mukku and promises her that he will come for her that night and they’ll both leave the valley. Mukku’s husband, along with his band of priests plan to kill Mansoor and also in the name of Hindu deity Shiva, drive out the Muslims.

Suddenly, a storm hits the valley and Mansoor sends his mother and the porters to the mountains and goes to see Mukku. Mukku along with her family was gathering the guests of their hostel on the top floor. Her husband arrives but Mukku declines his offer of going with him.

The floor crashes and everyone makes way to the temple. Just as the water seeps down, Mansoor holds Mukku’s hand and her father holds hers, and all of them get saved. They somehow reach their home when the water goes down and an Indian army helicopter comes by to save the community people. They wave at the helicopter. Women and children are sent up first, followed by Mukku and her father. There was only one space left and thus, Mansoor sacrifices himself for the father of the family.


When the helicopter leaves, Mansoor dies in the calamity. It is shown that three years later, Mukku still lived with her father, helping with the lodge, listening to Mansoor’s favorite hits on the radio. She dedicated the songs to him.

Movie Details:

Release Date07 Dec 2018
Movie Length116 minutes
No of Songs5
IMDB Rating5.9/10
Budget60 Cr
DirectorAbhishek Kapoor
Lead ActorsSushant Singh Rajput
Total Collection97 Cr


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  1. Abhishek Kapoor did fantastic job by recreating the real fear of the devastation caused in Uttarakhand . Hats off sir

  2. I will give 4.5 star out of 5.the reason behind deducting .5 star is Sushant dieing in the end.which was not required it could have been turn into something better and more beautiful.

  3. Fabulous film with a beautiful message that God is above all religions.everthing about kedarnath full movie is so beautiful.

  4. As a whole don’t know what a business it will do in box office. But it will definitely touch the heart of the viewer more specifically emotions viewer.

  5. Kedarnath full movie is a masterpiece in terms of its music.the VFX scenes ,the acting, story, the visual everything.

  6. One of the best and emotional movies of the year.after long long time you got to watch a natural love story.i would rate on 9/10
    Kedarnath full movie is amazing.

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