Crude bingo calls that are still being used online

Bingo is a game that provides fun for all the family – it’s got something for the oldies, the millennials, and even cash-free alternatives for the kids. However, there is an element of bingo that is not so family-friendly and that’s the crude bingo calls that are still being used online – check out online bingo.

Don’t know what we’re talking about? Where have you been, read on and we’ll fill you in on the details!

Crude Bingo Calls

There are all sorts of different types of bingo calls – some of them rhyme, some of them reference pop culture or history, but some of them are just crude. We have a confession to make – these are our absolute favourites and we admit that our sense of humour is just a little bit immature. Let’s take a look at some of the crude bingo calls that we love and are still being used online today:

          Number 1 and 2, ‘pee and poo’

          Number 60, Grandma’s getting frisky!

          Number 87, Grandpa’s gone to heaven!

As you can probably see, these bingo calls are pretty immature and silly, but that kind of humour is timeless. We’re not sure on the exacts dates that these calls were invented, but we’d make a bet that it was a long time ago yet we still laugh just as much in 2021! Brilliant.

Cancelled Calls

It’s not all sunshine and daisies for the world of crude bingo calls. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably noticed that society has been changing over the last few decades and we now have to politically correct in order to make sure we don’t offend all the snowflakes. Well, sadly the bingo world has taken a hit from this situation resulting in some of our favourite bingo calls being cancelled and replaced with ‘woke’ alternatives. Booo. Here are some examples of the effected calls:

Bingo Call Reason for Offense
Number 11, legs eleven Some ‘woke’ people claim that this is objectifying a lady’s slim legs
Number 88, two fat ladies People are renaming this ‘two body-positive ladies’ in an attempt to prevent fat-shaming. Fair enough!
Number 69, either way up If you know the meaning of this classic bingo call then you’ll be as gutted as us to hear they’re trying to cancel it! They’ll never take us alive!

Now this might all be a bit depressing to hear, but don’t worry – these crude bingo calls are absolutely still about and still used online. You just need to investigate those bingo rooms and ensure that you’re finding one with a good sense of humour and no rubbish censorship. Now THAT’s bingo!

Timeless Classics

Overall, the crude bingo calls that we know and love have existed for over a century and show no sign of disappearing – unfortunately we do have some people trying to cancel our favourite calls, but don’t worry because they will always still be around, click now. We hope you’ve enjoyed our article on the best crude bingo calls that are still popular in 2021 – now go out there and try to invent some of your own!