Black Jack 1996 Movie Review and Rating

Black Jack 1996 Movie Review

Introduction: Plot

Black Jack is a popular animation movie released in 1996. It is centered around Black Jack- the finest surgeon on the planet. Similar to his name, he is as interesting as a blackjack online casino live dealer. He is supposed to perform medical miracles. However, you should be able to find him and afford his fees to benefit. He operates in the dark and for large sums of money. While Black Jack may seem cold and insensitive, he is your only hope if you need medical miracles. The movie is a continuing manga series about the exploits of Black Jack. This rogue surgeon will soon find himself entangled in a conspiracy built around superhumans.

The movie opens with an Olympic game where one record after another is shattered. The athletes appear to possess superhuman abilities that were earlier not thought possible. They are then called superhumans. The world is amazed by the evolution of the human race to superhumans. After two years, some of these superhumans start to lose their abilities and die. Black Jack is summoned by a private firm to investigate. He is hesitant and refuses to participate in the investigation. His daughter Pinoko is kidnapped to convince him to take up the investigation. He starts the investigation and finds that more powerful and sinister forces are at play. Can Black Jack stop these forces before he becomes their victim?


Black Jack is a compelling and intriguing medical mystery movie. The direction and pacing are excellent which help to add to the tension. The movie is artistically well-crafted and intricate. It pays great attention to details. The medical procedures and details shown in the movie are exacting. It can become uneasy for some of you due to the detailed nature of the medical processes depicted. People are shown as sick and the grotesque nature of it is bluntly depicted. However, if you can withstand it and like finer details, the movie will appeal to you.

The movie is high on the tense medical drama. Humor and lighter moments are limited to scenes of Pinoko acting childish. You are expected to be aware of the franchise which may not go well with newcomers. Pinko who is still a small child does not age from the earlier movie of this franchise. While this may seem justified to a manga fan, it will not make sense to newcomers. The plot is enticing, and you will soon be drawn into it. The details of medical processes and their impact on lives are superbly captured and depicted.

Drawbacks in the Plot

The detailing of medical procedures can become its weakness at times. The best movies based on medical procedures emphasize the practice of medicine and do not detail the actual process. Some viewers can find it distracting and gory to witness grotesque medical procedures on screen. It can become a documentary sometimes instead of a gripping thriller. The superhumans do not get enough character development. Their characters are not detailed and fleshed properly. This limits the degree of bonding that the audience can develop with them. Most of their deaths also seem meaningless due to this. The kidnapping of Pinoko is supposed to be a turning point in the movie. It should have built more tension and drama in the plot. However, she is treated rather well by the kidnappers which convinces the audience that she is in no real danger.

The character of Pinoko itself can look odd to many viewers. She has been depicted as overly cute and innocent. She does not look like any other character in the movie. This can become annoying at times too for some viewers. Black Jack also leaves her alone with her devices when he is not there for days. There is no nanny and Black Jack assumes Pinoko can take care of herself. The pacing of the movie could have been better to make it a nail-biting thriller.


The movie has its share of pitfalls. However, that does not take away from the strong direction and incredible attention to detailing. You can enjoy it with your family. The story has many layers. The character of Black Jack and his relationship with Pinoko is nicely portrayed. The movie is a gripping dramatic mystery with an interesting protagonist.