Bottom of the 9th Trailer Is Out – A Sports Oriented Inspiring Movie

Bottom of the 9th Trailer Is Out

Bottom of the 9th is an upcoming drama movie based on the life of a Baseball Player. The movie stars Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara in the lead roles. The direction is of Raymond De Felitta. The movie is a story of a guy who spends 17 years in jail due to a mistake he made during his youth. Here we read about Bottom of the 9th Trailer.

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The trailer for the movie Bottom of the 9th is out and it shows a young Joe (Kevin William), Fight. A person dies in the fight and which lands the main character in jail. The main character spends 17 years in jail. The character is a great Baseball player and has all the skills to become a pro. He returns from jail to again play Baseball. Question is does he have the same skills in him.

Below is the Trailer,


The movie is a must watch as the performances are amazing. The trailer is quite intriguing and a must watch so great to watch Bottom of the 9th Trailer is a treat to watch as the actor has given a great performance.


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