Smurfs 3 the lost village box office prediction – hit or flop, review


Smurfs 3 the lost village box office prediction – hit or flop, review

Cast – demi Lovato, Katy perry, rain Wilson

Direction – kelly Asbury

Genre – fantasy and adventure

Release date – 23rd march 2017

Run time – 1 hr 26 min

Story line

An evil wizard lady creates smurfs like creatures. She named them as naughties. She created them for the only reason that she believes that by using them she can create a magical creating essence. But later she comes to know that only real smurfs can create the essence. So making turning into real smurfs she need the help of Smurfette. So she kidnapped that Smurfette . and wanted him to turn naughties into real smurfs. With the help of human friends whether Smurfette rescued naughties or not is the rest of the story.


This film is based on the sequence the comedy series named smurfs. This is the third part of the smurfs and it is being released by sony pictures. And the dubbing for the characters is done by lead Hollywood stars like Katy perry and demi Lovato. Since these film previous parts is taken on the basis of comedy type and those two parts were a block buster. We can expect this movie also to be block buster film. Director kelly Asbury has previous experience of directing cartoon films. He has already directed famous shrek series. Which was a big hit? So we can expect this movie also to achieve a huge blockbuster. Notably, the previous two parts were not directed by Asbury.


Smurfs 3 the lost village box office prediction

Coming to the box office point of view smurfs series box office collection was a huge hit. The first part of the smurfs itself collected $563,749,323. Which was a huge profit for the production crew. This is the first cartoon based film to achieve this collection. While smurfs 2 collected only $347,545,360 among worldwide. Coming to smurfs 3 box office prediction is listed below for the first week

Day World wide collection in $
Day 1300000
Day 2400089
Day 3509887
Day 4455678
Day 5675858
Day 6889900
Day 7789686


Comparing to the previous box office collection two parts this film smurfs 3 the lost village box office prediction will create more box office collection than the previous films



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