Can You Stop a Divorce After Filing Papers?


Divorce After Filing Paper

Deciding to get divorced is not easy. It’s a life-turning choice that will bring drastic changes to your life. But you have to be one hundred percent sure that this is the best step for you and your family to take. Still, there are often situations when you are already in the process and understand that you have taken the wrong turn. Can you stop the divorce after filing paper? Can you reverse your decision? Can you restore your marriage?

These are the top questions for a divorce lawyer and online services. Check out the options you have if you change your mind as to your marriage-divorce issues. And don’t be afraid to alter anything when your happiness depends on it. 

Consider the Options

Before you wonder how to cancel a divorce, consider all the options you have but ending your marriage completely. If you filed for divorce, you had serious reasons for such a step. They didn’t vanish so that you should still take some measures. 

If you have marriage issues, it is wise to think about a family counselor or mediator. The specialist will lead you through all the discussions and agreements without hassle to help you make the best suitable decision. It shouldn’t be extremes only such as the end of your relationships or marriage. You can opt for legal separation. This means you are not divorced yet but can live apart under legally separated status and reassess your relationships before taking the final step.

Cooperate with Your Attorney

If you opt to stop divorce after filing, you have to cooperate with your attorney anyway. Firstly, they should know you are out of the process and stop preparing your case further. Additionally, you will be consulted on how to proceed lawfully to back from the divorce operation. The attorney will aid you in organizing the end-of-marriage cancellation without any assets, extra time, or money lost. 

Talk to Your Spouse

Divorce cancellation is not only about your choice. If you have already filed for divorce and served your spouse, they know about your previous intentions and have made their mind accordingly. So, it may turn out that only you are after stopping the procedure, while your spouse is determined to go to the end. 

That is why it is essential to have a sincere talk with your partner. Discuss your new vision, explain your reasons, and come to the best conclusion together.  

Cover the Legal Process

In case both of you agree that stopping the divorce procedure is better for your current situation, there is a set of lawful actions you should cover. To complete the dismissal of a divorce petition, you need to go through the following steps:

  1.  Get the form – to begin with, you need to gain an appropriate form to stop the marriage after filing at your local family law clerk’s office or a reliable online platform, such as OnlineDivorcer.
  2. Fill out the doc – then you ought to fill the paper out. It will be one page, and you won’t even need to state the reasons. So there isn’t much work to do. 
  3. File the form – then you should file the complete form to the same court office you have filed for divorce to. 
  4. Serve your partner – once you are ready with filing. You need to serve your partner with all the papers you have passed to the court. Cooperate with the process server or sheriff to make it faster. 

When your spouse and you both have nothing against it, the divorce will be stopped. 

By the way, you may even skip the mentioned actions. You only have to do nothing after you file for divorce and serve the spouse, and your case will be dismissed automatically with no steps from any side. But it may take more time sometimes. So the lawful way of divorce petition dismissal is the better idea. 

Final Thoughts

Getting divorced is a serious step that will drag consequences for you and your family as well. Such a decision shouldn’t be driven by emotions, the wish for revenge, or curiosity. Still, sometimes you may understand that you need your marriage and your partner beside you only after you file the divorce docs. Can you stop the divorce after filing? Sure, you can. Think thoroughly through all the options, including legal separation, discuss everything with your partner openly, keep your lawyer in tune, and cover several simple lawful steps to put an end to the end-of-relationship procedure.