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Chambal Full Movie Download

Chambal is a suspense thriller Kannada movie directed by Jacob Varghese. This movie features Ninasam Satish and Sonu Gowda as a lead character. Whereas actors like Sardar Sathya, Mantesh, Kishore, Aychut Kumar, and Lucia Pawan Kumar have performed the supporting roles in this movie. Screenplay and Music are done by Jacob Varghese and Judah Sanday respectively. Below you can find details about Chambal Kannada Full Movie Download and where to Watch Chambal Kannada Online.

Chambal movie is about a strict IAS officer, Subhash posted in Karkanata as District Commissioner. Above all, he aims for a corruption free system makes him a threat among the corrupt officers. In short, Subhas becomes a problem for all the corrupted officers. Hence, the corrupt officer’s plans to bring him down.

Overall, Chambal movie showcases the fight between corrupt officers and Subhash. So, will these corrupt officers succeed to bring Subhas down? To know more about this movie you need to watch Chambal Full movie.


Release Date22 Feb 2019
Movie Length122 minutes
IMDB Rating7.9/10
Box office collectionNA

Chambal Full Movie Download HD

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Where To Watch Chambal Full Movie?

Chambal will be legally available on TV within a few months of its release. If this movie is running in your city then you should watch Chambal Full Movie legally in theatres. Keep patience but do not support piracy.

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Chambal Full Movie is available on Prime Videos. As of now, this movie is not available on any other legal streaming websites.

Illegal Websites For Chambal Full Movie Download

N Dinesh Rajkumar is the Producer of Chambal. In fact, no one ever allowed anyone to distribute Chambal Full movie Download. So, do not support piracy and watch movies legally.

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  1. One of the nice movie to be watched.the story of late IAS officer DK Ravi who was being killed by the land mafia.

  2. One of the best movie in Kannada Industry . chambal full movie clearly shows the hidden hands and politicians what they have done.

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