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KGF Full Movie DownloadKGF (Kolar Gold Fields), is an action entertainer starring Yash as the lead hero. This movie directed by Prashanth Neel and is receiving a lot of appreciation by the critics and the fans. Also, there is a possibility that this movie can enter the top 10 movies of the year list. As you may know, Kannada is the primary language of the movie. Also, KGF was released in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Hindi. Here we will guide you the legal way for KGF full movie download. 

KGF Chapter 1 is doing great in theaters and the movie has already grossed 250 Cr in the Box Office. This ensures that the movie is a super hit movie. We recommend to watch KGF Chapter 1 Full movie on theater or wait for it to come on legal streaming sites. To know more where to find KGF Chapter 1 Full movie, keep reading.

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KGF Movie Story

KGF Chapter 1 is proper storytelling and starts by showing Anand Ingalagi’s a journalist whose book has been banned and burnet by the Government. In fact, the book includes all the events that occurred in KGF (Kolar Gold Field) between 1951 till 2018. However, one of the copies gets in the hand of a television reporter, and hence she plans to interview Anand to know more about KGF.

Introduction To Rocky & The Villains

The story starts with the event of 1951, where KGF was discovered and Rocky was born on the same day. On the other hand one of the workers, Suryavardhan who have discovered about Gold along with the officer, forms a company for the lease of 99 years. Along with him, he hires 4 people Narachi, Rajendra Desai, Andrews, and Guru Pandian who takes care about Konkan and Malabar Coast. Later, in KGF Chapter 1, we see Rock’s arrival as a 10 years old kid who in a quest for power and wealth.

Rocky’s Deal With Andrews

As Rocky is quite mad about power and money, we see him growing powerful and wealthy. In fact, he becomes the henchman for Shetty a known gangster of Mumbai. Also, as he grows powerful, he becomes a threat to Shetty and acquires Shetty’s seat by defeating him. When Andrews get to know about Rocky, he offers him Mumbai with a condition to Kill Garuda who is managing the KGF.

Accepting the deal, Rocky heads toward Bangalore but fails to kill Garuda in the first attempt. Hence, he decides to enter KGF as a worker so that he can keep an eye on Garuda’s activity.

Rocky Inside KGF & The Plan

As soon as Rocky enters KGF he starts noticing the activity and check on securities. During the time, he also sees how the people are torched which makes him furious. In fact, Rocky gets involved in a fight with a 21 people group which becomes an issue when it gets in Garuda’s hears. This incident makes Rocky hero in front of the slaves working in KGF on the other hand forces Garuda visits the mine and make all the slaves a victim of his anger.

Defeating Garuda

All the slaves are locked in a huge tunnel, through which Yash makes his way Garuda’s henchmen and standing in front of Garuda. After a fight session, when Rocky finally kills Garuda, the slaves accept him as a new leader. As Andrew was planning to rule KGF, the story takes the turn when Yash plans to takeover KGF.

KGF Movie Details:

Release Date21 Dec 2018
KGF Movie Length2:35 hours
IMDB Rating8.1
KGF Budget80 Cr
DirectorPrashanth Neel
KGF Total Collection250 Cr

KGF Full Movie Download HD

Movie-Rater does not support any form of piracy or any act violating the Indian Copyright Act. Be aware that watching or sharing a link to Download Movies is against the law. So, it is always better to watch movies in theaters to get the true experience of the movie.

However, if you do not have enough time for watching KGF in theaters, it is always better to wait for the movie release on one of the Legal Streaming Websites mentioned below. Below we have provided the links to watch KGF Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam Movies online.

Watch KGF Hindi Full Movie Online

KGF Full Movie Download in Hindi is not available on legal Streaming websites like YouTube Movies, Netflix, Hotstar or Voot. But, you can watch KGF Hindi Movie on Amazon Prime Video (click on this link to watch KGF Hindi Movie)

Watch KGF Kannada Full Movie Online

KGF Kannada Full Movie Download HD not yet released on YouTube Movies, Netflix, Hotstar or Voot. But you can watch KGF Kannada Full Movie on Amazon Prime. By the way as of now (18th Feb 2019), Amazon Prime Video is the only source where you can Watch or Download KGF Kannada Full movie.

As of now, KGF Kannada movie download is available on Prime video. Moreover, we will keep you updated once the movie releases in other streaming platforms.

KGF Tamil Full Movie Download HD

KGF Tamil Movie is not released on YouTube Movies, Netflix, Hotstar or Voot. But, you can watch KGF Tamil Full Movie from this link: Watch KGF on Amazon Prime Video.

KGF Telugu Full Movie Download HD

KGF Telugu Full Movie Download HD is not available on YouTube Movies, Netflix, Hotstar or Voot. But you can watch KGF Telugu Full Movie at Amazon Prime Video.  So, this is the only source to watch KGF Full Movie in Telugu online.

Watch KGF Malayalam on Amazon Prime Video

KGF Full Movie Download HD in Malayalam is not available on YouTube Movies, Netflix, Hotstar or Voot. Do not worry, You can watch Movie or Download KGF Full movie in Malayalam at Amazon Prime Video which is currently the only source streaming KGF Malayalam Full Movie in HD.

However, KGF Malayalam Movie got a huge response in Kerala similar to other language Versions. In fact, the trailer has played a big role in influencing the viewers to watch the movie and created good hype.


  1. KGF Is one of the Biggest hit Movie in 2018. Yash Action in this movie is awesome.we are Eagerly waiting for KGF Chapter 2 movie

    • It is said that the movie will get released on Netflix after a week when the movie is broadcasted in Sony Max. We are yet waiting for the official confirmation.

    • Hi Shishir,

      We are glad that you are supporting anti-piracy. Watching KFG full movie on legal websites will give you a much better experience.

  2. watched KGF Full movie on Amazone Prime Video and now can’t wait for the 2nd part to get released. This is one of the best action movie that India has produced so far..

  3. KGF Telugu FULL movie is available ON Amazon prime video. This is one of the best action movie in India. We are eagerly waiting for KGF chapter 2

  4. I watched KGF Full movie on Amazon Prime video. One of the best movies in the recent times loved it. Waiting for the sequence of it….Big Kudos to the Team and MR, Keep rocking!…….

  5. Instead of listing the websites from which you dont want us to download tou could have made it easier and everyone else happier by also telling the sites from where we can download legally…i strongly feel doing this would take the initiative a step ahead and help you all…

    • Hi Kran,

      We have already mentioned in this article that KGF Full movie is available on Amazon Prime Videos. You can check the link depending on the language you want to watch KGF movie.

      Also, if you want us to share the link of the movie availability, let us know the language you want to watch KGF Full Movie.

  6. The best of all Indian movie. nothing can be compared to this.#sharp dialogue,#new story,#amazing action everything is superbly done .

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