Kapil Sharma Is a Changed Man Says Bharti

Kapil Sharma Changed

We are not sure if it is us who have noticed some change in Kapil Sharma after his marriage. During a recently Interview with PinkVilla, Bharti said that Hinni is a lucky charm for Kapil.

As we have been watching The Kapil Sharma Show there are few things that we have noticed. First, there are very fewer jokes on marriage these days. Also, the big change in Kapil is that he has now stopped flirting.

There is no doubt that is one of the biggest change seen in Kapil. Or can we say, that marriage does change a person?

Commenting on Kapil’s lifestyle, Bharti said, “Ginni is taking great care of Kapil, right from yoga to sending him to the gym to boiled vegetables and everything else. Kapil bhai has also become very calm and patient.”

Bharti also revealed that Kapil these days comes on time managing to finish is work on given time. Whereas Ginni, not just love Kapil, but the entire crew of the Kapil Sharma Show.

Meanwhile, we are also hearing the news that Sunil Grover will be seen in the Kapil Sharma Show. This will happen when Sunil will come to promote Bharat, as confirmed by sources. With us, everyone else would love to see Sunil Grover back to the Kapil Sharma Show.

Do let us know what you think about it? Also, do you think that there is a huge change in Kapil? Let us know your thought in the comment below. Also, to get more news on Telly Talks, keep following Movie-Rater.

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