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    Cricket Celebrities

    Many people would say that they know very little about cricket. However, most of them know such names as Hugh Jackman, Elton John or Katy Perry. Did you know that these world-known celebrities are the devoted fans of cricket? Maybe they know everything about cricket from Stumped.App, maybe from other info sites or it might be from their personal experience. Follow the article to find out the proofs.

    1) Hugh Jackman

    This charismatic and handsome man, staring at X-men, Logan, and Les Miserables, is also famous for his love for cricket. Despite he is a good actor, producer, and singer, he shows a nice play in cricket. Some people say that his love for this game is due to the fact he is Australian. Considering that Australians are the cricket nation, this probably influenced Jackman’s attitude to this sport.

    Just take a look at this incredible shot made by Hugh in 2010. Here is Shane Warne, former test cricketer, bowling to Hugh during Test days between Aussies and Angles. Let’s say, this famous X-man did a great job. The video proofs may be reached on YouTube by the link.

    2)     Daniel Radcliffe

    Everyone knows the boy staring at Harry Potter. However, this guy is also famous for his love for cricket. This is what he said in his interview: “I am a geek. I’m obsessed with cricket”. This game made the movie rivals playing Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy bring together and enjoy Tests at the Oval. The star also plays EA cricket on the computer.

    You may have also seen Daniel’s picture in casual playing cricket with a bat on Pinterest. Moreover, Radcliffe is a devoted fan of Sachin Tendulkar and a proud owner of his autograph.

    3)     Katy Perry

    Despite being the famous singer, she takes her time to visit the opening ceremony of the Indian Premier League and telling to be a fan of Sachin Tendulkar. “He is a God of cricket” – she said. She was noticed to learn how to hold a bat by Australian cricketer Doug Bollinger, showing it in her Pinterest later. She is probably one of the most beautiful fans of the game.

    4)     Elton John

    This pop legend seems to be a genuine cricket fan. He likes to bat himself that is proved by his public accounts. Besides, many cricketers would say that his music gives them power. For example, Michael Vaughan was noticed to keep Elton’s CD in his baggage with a kind message to England Ashes.

    The other story happened to Steven Davies in 2013, when he said that Elton John had saved him from quitting the game. The sportsman knew the singer before, but after his exhausting 4-week tour around Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Seoul in 2013, Elton John supported Davies by sending him a bottle of champagne and invited him on holiday.

    “It was incredible that he got in touch,” said Davies. “He’s a nice man, remarkably kind and generous. He knew that I faced difficult times, so he invited me over. It was exactly what I needed. If I went on another tour, I would feel like I had given up the game.”

    5)       Shah Rukh Khan

    He is a prominent and multi-awarded Indian star also known as the King of Bollywood. This guy proved his devotion to cricket by being a co-owner of the IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders. The team primarily gained its popularity due to the links to the well-known actor, however, they showed their effectiveness in 2012 becoming the champions of IPL for the first time. The brand value was estimated at $104 million in 2018.

    Shah Rukh Khan may inevitably be noticed at the stadium supporting the national team. One of the Indian cricketers Shahrukh Khan was named after the famous actor.

    Are there still many fans among celebrities to mention?

    Absolutely. The list of fans is truly huge. For example:

    • Mark Wahlberg joined the cricket fan club in Barbados.
    • Johnny Borrell spends evenings watching games.
    • Rory Bremner always enjoys to follow the cricket.
    • Eric Clapton may be noticed at the Tests and shows a strong devotion to the English team.
    • Michael McIntyre said he used to be a nice player and even wanted to perform for the English team.
    • Lily Allen likes the rhythm and the character of cricket.
    • Mick Jagger once started his online company to watch Angles` performance at ODI in 1997.
    • Stephen Fry is a cricket enthusiast and usually present at the Tests.


    Believe or not but the number of cricket fans exceeds 2 billion worldwide. People go crazy about their favorite teams, as well as ready to spend days watching the game at the stadium. Now, you can enjoy watching matches side by side with Eric Clapton or Stephen Fry, watch the opening performance of Katy Perry, and play cricket online with Daniel Radcliffe. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

    Do you think that such support brings the national teams additional motivation? Share your thoughts in comments.

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