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Do Dooni Panj Full Movie Download

Do Dooni Panj is a comedy Punjabi movie, that is based on the most discussed topics of unemployment. directed by Harry Bhatti. The movie is produced by Badshah. In the lead roles are Amrit Maan, Isha Rikhi, Rana Ranbir, Karamjit Anmol, Sardar Sohi, Harby Sangha, and Nirmal Rishi. The supporting cast includes Rupinder Rupi and Malkeet Rauni. Jeeva has provided the Screenplay, while Badshah, The Boss, Meet Sehra, and Jassi Katyal has provided the Music. Whereas, the story about an unemployed young Punjabi man holding the Ph.D. degree. So, he decides to fight back the system who guarantees a job after education. Now, this is his fight to get all of his money back from the school and colleges he studied in. Below in this article, you can find details about Do Dooni Panj Full Movie Download and where to Watch Do Dooni Panj Full Movie Online Free HD.

Do Dooni Panj Story

Father chases Paramjit Chadda

Amrit Maan cast as Paramjit Chadda a Punjabi guy who completed his Ph.D. but was unable to get a satisfactory job for himself. In the movie Do Dooni Panj, he is shown a low middle-class boy and his family is concerned about his studies to grow up get a government job. His childhood was forced to contribute to studies instead of playing cricket Team as his father used to chase him home to stop playing and study.

Paramjit Pressurized To Get A job By his Girlfriend

His Girl Friend Karamjit Anmol gets frustrated about being in the relationship with a person who is jobless warns him that if he does not get any job then she will be forced by her father to get married to someone else. She warns him to get a job as early as possible or else she will get married to his parents choice. Once again Paramjit gets frustrated about his jobless situation. Being tired of the harsh words from his family and the society he decides to do something about his life. He does not get a better job for himself and so he files a plea to the court regarding the loss he had after completing his studies. No Government jobs are available or any other relevant job as the school and institution had assured him.

Paramjit decides to leave home

Paramjit Chadda highly qualified person searching for a better job gets distressed because of the lack of employment in the state. State Government declares that not a single educated guy will be unemployed in the upcoming days. But the entire verse becomes a lie as this young passed out guy does not get a job after several applications. Pressurized by his family he decides to work in a small shop but the owner denies after knowing about his qualification.


The climax in the movie is interesting as Amrit Maan challenges the institution due to the fake assurance they had given, also the money he had to spend to build up his entire career. He knocks the institution and schools and asks them to pay all the expenses that have been wasted in his studies. The matter reaches the court and finally, the institution authority was pulled to the court. The climax of the movie was a mixture of comedy and problematic situation, as when the judge was requested to give judgment on his behalf. Humour has made the movie highly interesting to watch. Serious situations were executed with humor to provide characters.

Movie Details

Release Date11 Jan 2019
Movie Length132 minutes
IMDB Rating6.2/10
Box office collection$22,774

Do Dooni Panj Full Movie Download HD

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Do Dooni Panj Review

Direction Review

Harry Bhatt is the director of the movie, directed the movie in such a way that shows the clear story that can be enjoyed by anyone. Emphasised on the present unemployment situation that was released 11th January 2019.

Amrit Maan’s Acting

His acting as a simple village Punjabi boy who has worked hard and studied for a better future. His exposure to the character was a perfect blend of comedy and humour including serious acts within the scenes of the movie. Natural acting filled with humour.

Karamjit Anmol

Responsive acting as the girlfriend of Paramjit, with variations in her character from a simple Punjabi girl to a disappointed girlfriend including few inputs of humour that has made the movie more interesting.

Cinematography Review

A clear and crystal picture of Punjab with the villagers and the village lifestyle capturing the style of local stores and shops. Chakravarty has shown an amazing picture of the story shown through the cinematography of Do Dooni Paanj.

Story Review

Real life truth was shown in the movie but with a stunning blend of comedy in the movie when a highly educated guy for any kind of job for survival. Top versed comedy is seen in the court that is played by Rana Ranbir, Harbir Sangha.

Songs Review

The songs tunes in with the story of the Punjabi movie, vocals by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, two songs that are popular “Jacketan Lightan Waliyan” and “Peg” was sung by Amrit Maan. The box office has shown a good response with $22,774 in international records.


The amazing story has been written by Jeeva that puts in a serious issue of unemployment in the state in a funny way making people laugh at the situation of the educated population. Punjabi movie that has an interesting viewpoint from the part of the viewers each will like to watch the movie at least once.


  1. Movie is about the peoples who are well educated but unemployed. In this movie shown that how a unemployed man fight for his right.

  2. Ooossssmmmm movie .
    I think it was a decent movie.
    I suggest everyone to watch do Dooni Panj full movie.

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